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General April-March Updates!
April 1, 1999

BIG NEWS! Cat Dynamics was featured on Internet Tonight on ZDTV! Big up to the guys at IT! I love television!

It doesn't always look like a lot of new stuff is going on, but I am hard at work streamlining parts of the site. I added an upgraded icons page for people who want icons and banners to link to this site. I created a Bubby Fun-Pak that you can find in Telebubby Fun Land. I also streamlined the Flash animations in Club a Seal, so they download much faster than before.

Throughout March, I worked on Pico. I haven't been working on it lately, but since my 8am class was cancelled this morning I figured I should use this time to get what I have on-line. Check it out! All of the main junk is there except for Pico's own scenerio. There is a teaser page for that one.

I am working on ANOTHER brand new site... Dunno when I'll have a teaser up for this one.

General February Updates!
February, 1999

There wasn't much activity in January due to the site being down. Holiday traffic hit really hard, partly due to my "Assassinate Furby" page being on TV all over the country along with newspapers and other assorted media. Popularity can kill a website! I had to move to a new server, but InterNIC was having "problems" and took almost a month to transfer the domain name over to the new server. Duh!

Sometimes I am just too damn proud of myself... Check out the Backstreet Boys scenerio I added to Assassin! I stayed up all night (I uploaded it at 7:06am) to make it, so you better enjoy it! I then made one for Marilyn Manson.

In response to issues concerning Reverend Falwell and "What is in that magic bag?", I have added a new Alternative Lifestyle scenerio to Telebubby Fun Land!

Post a message on the upgraded NG BBS, and join the mailing list!

New Ground Atomix T-Shirts now Available!
October 24, 1998

Check out the new NG T-Shirts section! I added this section a while ago to see what sort of feedback it got... In the meantime, the shirts went under development! I am now taking orders! Buying a "www.newgrounds.com" t-shirt not only helps fund the site, it also helps promote it... And it makes you look cool in the process! If you see someone on the street wearing a newgrounds t-shirt, give them a low-five to show your respect!

New Ground Atomix Music now Available!
October 14, 1998

Check out the new NG Music section! If you like something you hear on this site, you might be able to buy it. If you find it, you can link directly to the CD at Music Boulevard, so you can buy them quick and painlessly. No matter what CDs you buy, I get money because you linked off of my site. If you want to help support this site, do it by clicking on the links to MB and buying all of your music there! Pleeeease!

NG in the News
September-December, 1998

Well, September started off especially exciting because during the same week that my girlfriend came back from Japan, Inside Edition gave me a call! They definitely wanted to do a piece on my site... But then the whole Clinton thing got really heavy and I never got called back. There is still hope thought, right?

Meanwhile... Here are some other interesting tidbits. These links go to different parts within the site (such as Assassin and Telebubby Fun Land):

  • NGA Protestors in Scotland! - This came straight from "The Scotsman", a major publication over there. Parents groups and animal rights groups have joined together to have this site banned! Good luck, ya filthy wankers (note: that is only directed towards the protestors, not the general Scotish population)!

  • My Call from the BBC - Read this silly story about how I almost shat myself!

  • Practical Internet - A UK Magazine did an awesome piece on Telebubby Fun Land! Read it here!

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