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updated 03:50 pm EDT
May 28,1998



Electronic Arts

Lionhead Studios

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We have 1 screenshot from Black and White.

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Black and White

OK, we were the first press (of course) to be allowed to see this hot new title coming out of the mind of game genius Peter Molyneux and his new development house Lionhead. The game, which follows in the tradition of the early Bullfrog titles, seems to be a culmination of Molyneux's work over the years. Within Black and White (which is a working title by the way) it's easy to see elements of Populous, Powermonger, Dungeon Keeper, and Magic Carpet. The game will introduce you to a world of tiny humanoids that live in harmony with each other. As you jump into the game, you take on the role of a powerful sorcerer who will change all of that. By coercing the tiny beings into worshipping at giant towers devoted to various forms of magic, sorcerers will gain access to magic spells, which they can then use as weapons or shields against their opponents. Unlike games that have come before, this type of ceremonial magic isn't a zap-you're-dead kind of effect. Instead, you will need to whip your subjects into a frenzy to cast powerful spells, spells that can often take as long as 30 seconds to take form, giving other players plenty of time to react with their own protective magic. 

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