Jazz Jackrabbit

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Jazz Jackrabbit: Christmas Edition is now available, absolutely free!

Review Quotes

"Absolutely stunning... Highly recommended" -- John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine

"Simply oozes professionalism and style... a top quality game by any standards" -- PC Gamer

"Plays like a dream" -- PC Format

"ONE HAPPENING HARE!" -- Strategy Plus

About Jazz Jackrabbit

Remember the Tortoise and the Hare? Well, it's 3,000 years later and they're at it again. This time it's a fight for the galaxy and the love of a beautiful princess. Jazz Jackrabbit is high-speed action through and through. It features 4-button joystick support, gorgeous graphics, awesome music, wild sound effects, and cartoon-quality animation sequences. If you only play one platform game this year, make sure it's Jazz Jackrabbit. It's guaranteed fun for the whole family!

Jazz Jackrabbit: Cool Stuff

Ordering and Downloading Jazz Jackrabbit

System Requirements

Jazz Jackrabbit requires:

...and also supports:

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