"Who knows what evil blasephemy

you shall find here....."


Welcome to LaCroix' private cellar of fanfic! Have fun

here, and please do not upload the fic found here on

any other site, nor publish it in a fanzine, without

first procuring the author's permission, thanks!


Stories by Vampwrtr:


The Mouse Trap

Truth and Consequences

Shadow Dance

The Soul of the Knight

Remembered by None

Bonne nuit, mes enfants

Rebel Causes

When the Bough Breaks

Please Remember Me

Black and White

Your Truth or Mine?

Les Chansons des Roses

Time Out

New Balance

Lost Lambs

Just Another Day

The Sandpiper

The Natural


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Disclaimers of fan fiction apply here: All of the regular Forever

Knight characters belong to James Parriott, Jon Slan, Sony, Tristar

and Columbia. They are only being borrowed. The characters

of Maurice, Platt, Nancy and anyone else who shows up

and is not a regular character, belongs to the author who

has written the story.