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Corel Corporation Begins Shipping CorelDRAW 6 Suite for Windows 95

Ottawa, Canada - August 24, 1995 - Corel Corporation and its subsidiaries today launched CorelDRAW 6. Designed for Microsoft Windows 95, CorelDRAW 6 is a 32-bit graphics package that includes five fully-featured applications for illustration, photo-editing and painting, business and multimedia presentations, 3D rendering and animation. It carries a suggested list price of $695 US for the CD-ROM version. Approximately 10 localized versions are planned for release at a later date.

"The CorelDRAW 6 graphics suite represents an incredible value and is far beyond being merely a re-write of 16-bit applications. It's a well integrated suite of native 32-bit applications designed for Windows '95," said Dr. Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer of Corel Corporation. "The development team has created a product which is fully-compliant with the minimum Windows 95 requirements and goes several steps further by highlighting and enhancing the benefits of this 32-bit operating system."

"Users will quickly discover that CorelDRAW 6 is a faster, more robust and completely customizable suite. The customizable user interface will help increase productivity and the new, easy-to-use 3D animation, modeling and rendering capabilities will add a fresh aspect to graphics, advertisements and multimedia presentations," said Dr. Cowpland.

"During the development of Windows 95, Corel has been working closely with Microsoft on CorelDRAW 6," said Brad Chase, general manager of the personal systems division at Microsoft. "CorelDRAW 6 takes full advantage of the Windows 95 user interface and 32-bit power, enabling graphics users to be more productive."

CorelDRAW 6 contains the following full-featured applications which are tightly integrated through 32-bit architecture, a common interface and Windows 95 features:

  • CorelDRAW: a vector-based drawing application.
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT: a paint and photo retouching application.
  • Corel PRESENTS: a New business and multimedia presentation application.
  • Corel DREAM 3D: a New 3D modeling and rendering application.
  • Corel MOTION 3D: a New 3D animation application.

CorelDRAW 6 also includes the following new or improved utilities and value-added features:

  • CorelDEPTH: A New 3D logo creation utility.
  • Corel SCRIPT Editor: A New OLE scripting language used to create add-on utilities for CorelDRAW.
  • Corel SCRIPT Dialog Editor: A New utility used to create dialogs that can be used in conjunction with Corel SCRIPT.
  • CorelMEMO: A New OLE compliant utility which gives users the ability to attach notes to their drawings or documents without altering the original graphics or text.
  • Corel FONT MASTER: A New font management program for True Type and Adobe Type 1 fonts.
  • Corel MULTIMEDIA MANAGER: Used to manipulate and manage files in albums.
  • Corel OCR-TRACE: an enhanced optical character recognition/raster to vector conversion utility.
  • Corel CAPTURE: Used to capture all or custom areas of a screen.
  • Corel PRESENTS Runtime Player: Used for distributing presentations.
  • 25, 000+ clipart images and symbols
  • 1000+ TrueType and Type 1 fonts
  • 1000+ photos
  • 750+ 3D models
  • 50 CorelDRAW templates
  • 300+ full-colored bitmap textures
  • 125+ natural media brushes for Corel PHOTO-PAINT
  • 260+ video clips
  • 1500+ actors, props and sounds
  • 100+ floating objects
  • 80+ chart types
  • 200+ chart samples
  • 300+ presentation backgrounds
  • 50 presentation templates

Development and Key Common New Features
The CorelDRAW 6 suite was developed for the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system.

The following list outlines the key common New features in the CorelDRAW 6 suite:
  • 32-bit Architecture: Provides support for long file names, multi-threading, accuracy to 0.1 of a micron and MDI (Multi-Document Interface).
  • Windows 95 Features: Extensive right mouse button support provides easy access to preference settings and property sheets, while enhanced support for OLE component software technology helps increase efficiency across applications. Additional features include e-mail/fax enabling through MAPI/TAPI, improved multi-tasking and automated installation and uninstall capabilities.
  • Import/Export Capabilities: CorelDRAW 6 is also compatible with many other applications. New import/export filters include the following: icons and cursors, PP4, PSD, WVL, FLI and AVI. It includes more than 80 import and export filters that support AI, EPS, PSI (Interpreted), GIF, PCD, all standard bitmap formats such as PCX, BMP and TIFF, Word 6.0, WordPerfect 6, RTF, PowerPoint, Freelance, Harvard Graphics, FLC, MPG, WAV and VOC.
  • Multi-Document Interface: Lets users open multiple documents or multiple views of documents as well as drag and drop between Windows or different views.
  • Customizable User Interface: CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Corel PRESENTS offer customizable toolbars, hotkeys, status bar, roll-ups and menus.
  • Text Toolbar: Gives users access to common text functions.
  • Tool Tips: Bubble hints that help the user.
  • Automatic text effects
  • Corel Color Manager: Corel's color management system has been enhanced and now includes a Wizard to guide users through the setup.

CorelDRAW -- New Features
CorelDRAW is a comprehensive vector-based drawing application that includes the following new features:
  • Tools: The Knife and Eraser tools let users: slice objects, cut along an irregular path, slice filled objects into closed paths and erase sections of objects. The Polygon tool gives users the ability to easily create live multi-sided objects such as polygons and stars. Other new tools include Panning, Spiral, Graph Paper, Angular Dimension Lines and Connector Lines.
  • Lenses: Fish Eye, Wireframe, Custom color map with Freeze and Viewpoint options.
  • Objects: Users may select objects by touching or surrounding or by attributes such as object type, fill type, outline, color and special effect. All objects may also be treated as filled. These options help users find attributes in a complex graphic and then apply a global change to those attributes.
  • Preset Features: Users may load separate Preset files, change the key color, edit the outline/fill attributes or upgrade/regenerate thumbnail previews.
  • Roll-Up Customization: Users may group roll-ups together and arrange them in order that the top roll-up never covers up the ones beneath them.
  • Improved layer control: The management of layers is now easier and faster. Users may now select layers, rename them, make them active, visible, editable or print them: all within the first level of the roll-up.
  • Distribute Command: This command is customizable. Users may specify whether to distribute by space between left, right, or middle of objects.
  • Seamless Texture Fills: Seamlessly tiling bitmap textures that represent natural materials such as wood, stones, sand, flowers, grass or marble.
  • Bar Code Generator: Includes seven industry standard bar codes and 79 fonts.
  • View Manager: For easy navigation between zoomed views on the same page or between zoomed views on multiple pages.
  • Symmetric Live Editing of Regular Polygons and Stars
  • Easier Weld, Trim and Intersection
  • Control of fountain fill midpoint
  • Slanted guidelines
  • Automatic text wrap around graphics
  • 849 Label Formats
  • Simplified Styles and Templates
  • Preview of Postscript Fills
  • Non-rectangular bitmap cropping
  • Bitmap color masking

Corel PHOTO-PAINT -- New Features
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 6 is a powerful paint and photo retouching application that features the following new features:
  • Tools: New natural media brushes such as Pencil, Pen, Charcoal, Chalk and Crayon.
  • Filters: 77 different effects filters to help users perform image correction, noise reduction and special effects. Key filters are Terrazzo, Paint Alchemy, Tone Map, Emboss, 3D stereoscopic, Canvas and Desaturate. New filters include Zig-zag, Lens Flare, Lighting Effects, Replace Color, Color Balance, Tinted grayscale and Watercolor. Also includes third-party plug-in support for 16 and 32-bit filters.
  • Live and fully editable text
  • Color Models: HLS, YIQ
  • Color Matching Palettes: DIC, TOYO, DuPont
  • Image Navigator: Work in zoom view and use the Image Navigator window as reference point when zooming and panning across the image.
  • Command Recorder: Gives users the ability to record and edit any series of commands performed within Corel PHOTO-PAINT 6. This script may be played back using the Macro Player. For example, this utility allows users to save time by working on a low resolution image and then playing back the edits on a high resolution image.
  • Unlimited file size
  • Multiple object selection and grouping
  • Frame by frame editing of AVI and FLC animation files
  • Enhanced masking controls
  • Duotone support
  • Multi-tasking and full OLE automation

Corel DREAM 3D -- New Application
Corel DREAM 3D is a 3D modeling and rendering application that allows users to easily create 3D illustrations with the predefined models and surface textures. Corel DREAM 3D was ported to the Windows 95 platform from the popular RayDream Designer program for Windows and Macintosh. Key features include the following:
  • Objects: Corel DREAM 3D includes a ready-made sphere, cone, cube, cylinder and a polyhedron with 20 faces (icosahedra) to simplify the creation process for beginning artists. Users may rearrange objects in the hierarchical view or master and clone objects. 3D painting on objects is also supported.
  • Rendering: Includes batch queue rendering, spot rendering or the ability to render individual objects. Rendering options include Gouraud, Phong or Ray Trace.
  • Modeling: Modeling options include spline-based, scaling extrusion, lathing extrusion, cross-section extrusions, complex sweep paths and skinning. A modeling wizard has also been included to help guide new users.
  • Lights: Users may manipulate light settings such as Distant, Spotlight, Ambient, Procedural Gels or Multiple Lights to adjust the angle and types of lighting in their scene.
  • Shading: Shading options include Flat shading and the Shaders Browser. Users may drag and drop preset shades from the Shaders Browser into their scene.
  • 1000 True Type fonts: Users can import Adobe Type 1 fonts from CorelDRAW.
  • Streamlined, intuitive user interface.
  • Over 300 new seamless shaders/textures.
  • 3D models or shading characteristics can be dragged and dropped into a scene.
  • Over 750 professionally-designed 3D models.

  • Corel PRESENTS -- New Application
    Corel PRESENTS is a new business and multimedia presentation application with powerful charting, animation and drawing tools. Professionally designed templates and backgrounds make creating a presentation a breeze. Key features include the following:
    • Wizards: Built-in wizards help guide new users through all the steps to create a presentation. An on-line tutorial is also included.
    • Outline View: Using the Corel PRESENTS Outline View, users may drag and drop fully-styled text from any OLE word processor and promote and demote text for automatic bullet creation. Text may also be inputted directly in this view.
    • Text Support: Includes forced justification of text, automatic text effects such as caps, small caps and change case, hanging punctuation and precision typographic controls including word spacing, letter spacing and alignment. Underline, strikeout, superscript and subscript functions are also available.
    • Editable Geometric Shapes: Includes 3D as well as 2D objects.
    • Charting: Includes over 79 chart types and a powerful data manager.
    • Mapping: Corel PRESENTS includes mapping capabilities that let users display demographic data and statistics in the form of a graphical map.
    • Animation: Features entry/exit path-based animation, complex animation path, preset animation paths, custom path tool, timelines and improved cel sequence. Corel PRESENTS also supports direct import of Corel MOTION 3D files or other applications that create AVI files.
    • Large Libraries: Includes more than 50 presentation templates, preset layouts and backgrounds that are editable, 1200 animated actors, 300 backgrounds, 70 sounds, 1000 photos, 260+ animation and video files.
    • Extensive Fill Options: Includes uniform, fountain fills, bitmap and texture fills.
    • Extensive Drag and Drop Support
    • Runtime Player: A royalty-free utility that lets users replay presentations created with Corel PRESENTS.
    • Annotation Pen: Key points in a presentation may be highlighted in color with this tool.

    Corel MOTION 3D -- New Application
    With Corel MOTION 3D users may animate 3D objects and text. Corel MOTION 3D can be used in conjunction with CorelDRAW or Corel PRESENTS to add another dimension to clipart or enliven a presentation. Key features include the following:
    • Views: Users may view the scene from the side, top and front to aid in object placement. Custom arrangements of objects may be saved.
    • Objects: Manipulation tools include squash/stretch, uniform scale, shape and surface morphing, and rotation capabilities. Primitive objects are also included so users can automatically access 3D objects such as spheres or text.
    • Stage Hands: Predesigned lights, cameras and props are available to help simplify the animation process for users. Lighting and Camera effects are built-in to help users automatically animate the text or objects in the scene. Users may apply more than 25 special effects such as Blush, Fade or Rainbow to change the object's appearance.
    • Blush gives the object a rosy glow, while Rainbow gives the object a multi-colored look. The surface look of objects may be altered with adjustable effects such as glow, reflectiveness, metallicity and specular highlight.
    • Lighting and Camera Controls: Point lights and spotlights may be added to the scene and adjusted in terms of color, intensity, angle and focus. The camera controls include Pan, Move In, Zoom, Rotate and Tilt. Users may navigate around their object using the Pan, Zoom In or Zoom Out controls.
    • Animation Controls: These controls include a timelines dialog to control and adjust the timing of the animation, event marks which may be created, deleted or repositioned and a Punch In/Punch Out control which renders portions of the animation. Users may also set the Keyframe, create hierarchies and preview the animation to the screen before rendering.
    • Rendering Modes: These include Bounding Box, Wireframe, Fast Render, Better Render and Ray Trace.
    • Movie Creation: Users may create compressed or uncompressed AVI or FLC movies and preview them in single frame or full animation mode.

    System Requirements
    Users will require a minimum of a 486 (486 DX2 66 Mhz or higher recommended), 8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended), a CD-ROM player (double-speed recommended), a Mouse or Tablet, VGA display (800 x 600 pixels, 256 colors or higher recommended) and Windows 95. Users may customize the installation to suit their purposes by choosing options such as minimum or full install. Uninstall is also easy for those users who do not use the program on a daily basis and want to free up additional hard drive space.

    Pricing and Availability
    Shipping in late August, CorelDRAW 6 is available from CorelDRAW distributors worldwide for a suggested list price of $695 US for the CD-ROM version. CorelDRAW 6 registered users may purchase the equivalent of 40 diskettes through Customer Service centers as a special order item for the additional price of $149 US.

    CorelDRAW 5 users may upgrade to CorelDRAW 6 for $249 US for the CD-ROM version. The equivalency in diskettes may be purchased as a special order item through Customer Service centers.

    There will be a single upgrade path to CorelDRAW 6 from CorelDRAW 3 and 4. The suggested retail price of the CorelDRAW 6 upgrade will be $425 US for the CD-ROM version.

    New Technical Support Policy for CorelDRAW 6
    Corel has implemented the following adjustments to its technical support policies. Corel will offer 90 days of free support on a toll line from the official release date of the product. Thereafter, customers, who do not call within the first 90 days, will be offered 30 days of free support on a toll line from the date of their first technical support call.

    Corel has expanded its in-house support team and will provide all customer support during the warranty period. Extended support will be offered by third party providers after the initial warranty period has expired. Existing support plans will remain in effect for all other products.

    Corel provides these additional support options:
    • IVAN: Corel's Interactive Voice Answering Network that provides customers with rapid access to the most current product information. Customers can obtain this service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on a toll line by calling (613) 728-1990.
    • Bulletin Board Service (BBS): A 24-hour information resource that lets customers access product information and helpful program files. To contact the BBS, customers dial (613) 728-4752 or (613) 761-7798.
    • Automated Fax System: Customers may obtain faxes of technical information by dialing (613) 728-0826 ext. 3080 and requesting document number 2000.
    • CompuServe Information Services: CompuServe subscribers can access the Corel Technical Support forum by typing GO COREL.
    • Corel's Home Page: An Internet World Wide Web site with product and technical information. Customers may access Corel's site at http:\\
    • Microsoft Network (MSN): Corel will have a technical support presence on the MSN. More details will follow.

    ***A note regarding Corel VENTURA 6***
    The Corel VENTURA module will not be included in the CorelDRAW 6 box. It will only be offered as an independent standalone product.

    Corel VENTURA 6 should be available by November of 1995 and is being designed to meet every user's publishing needs from the creation of small brochures to large documents.

    It will include full SGML capabilities so that users can easily create a single document that may be used to produce books, electronic Help screens, Internet Web pages or CD-ROMs.

    For more information please contact Corel Customer Service at 1-800-772-6735 (US) or 1-800-394-3729 (Canada)

    Corel Corporation
    Incorporated in 1985, Corel Corporation is recognized internationally as an award-winning developer and marketer of PC graphics and multimedia software. CorelDRAW, Corel's industry-leading graphics software, is available in over 17 languages and has won over 200 international awards from major trade publications. Corel ships its products through a network of more than 160 distributors in 60 countries worldwide. Corel is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: COS) and the NASDAQ--National Market System (symbol: COSFF).


    All company or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries. CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Corel PRESENTS and other Corel marks are trademarks of Corel Corporation Corel is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation.

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