Clay Shirky

200 Clinton St., #2G   Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hunter College:
January 1998 - Present
Presently Professor of New Media at Hunter College, responsible for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in web design and media theory, and for helping redesign the graduate program to include a focus on non-fiction production (journalism, documentary) on the Web.

Currently spearheading effort to create a network of hallway-accessible network terminals throughout Hunter for student access to the Web.

Network Production:
  • Consultant, Marketing and Measurement
    December 1997 to Present.

    Advise clients on "Web archeology", looking through existing data sources (web logs, cookie files, user preferences) to come to some understanding of user behavior and navigational paths, with a special focus on ecommerce sites.

    Clients include iVillage,, AGENCY.COM

  • VP Technology, Eastern Region, CKS|NY, New York
    May 1997 - October 1997

    Managed technology and production for both site design and media campaigns. Worked to integrate Site Specific employees and practices with CKS, established production standards, designed data handling routines for web server-legacy database connectivity for Citibank credit card applications online.

  • Chief Technology Officer, Site Specific, New York
    January 1996 - May 1997

    Managed a 35-person staff of interactive Internet agency. Responsible for network and local infrastructure and support staff, production staff, programmers, technology QA. Oversaw media tracking database for aggregating media performance data from disparate sources in order to provide decisino support for media department and clients. Designed and implemented tracking and measurement systems for clients. Responsible for evaluating and integrating emerging technologies.

    As an officer of the company, participated in investment review and audit prior to acquisition by CKS Group.

    Clients included AT&T, Duracell, SABRE, Intuit and 3M.

  • Executive Producer, Site Specific
    October 1995 - December 1995

    Staffed and supervised the programming and production facilities of a New York interactive agency. Wrote extensive network programs both for corporate clients and for in-house development efforts.

  • Production Manager,
    February-July 1995

    Developed production procedures for major New York interactive agency, including producing an html/http style guide for site production.

  • Essays:
    Network Economics and Growth New Media Marketing Books:
  • Author, Voices From the Net (Ziff-Davis, 1995), an overview of electronic networks as a medium for community building, and of the feedback loop between network design and the communities that form there.

  • Author, The Internet by E-mail (Ziff-Davis, 1994), e-mail accessible search techniques, such as ftp and archie, for the Internet. Translated into Portuguese and Chinese.

  • Technical Editor, The HTML Manual of Style, 1st and 2nd Editions, Ziff-Davis Press
  • Essays and Speeches
  • "Electronic Commerce", Columbia Business School, March 1997
  • "Metaphor and the Internet", Amicus Brief, Supreme Court, "ACLU v. Reno", February 1997
  • "Don't Believe the Hype", ACM net_worker, December 1996
  • "Wired Money", Scientific American, September 1995
  • "Electronic Activism", Computers and Social Change '94 .
  • "Ethics in Cyberspace", Proceedings of Internet World '93.
  • Online Activism
  • Expert witness on Internet culture in the 2nd Circuit trial seeking a preliminary injunction of the Communications Decency Act. Outcome was 3-0 in favor of the injunction.

  • Filed Public Comment with the Federal Government on behalf of the Society for Electronic Access concerning: Clipper Chip encryption scheme Proposed Digital Signal Standard (DSS) Proposed changes to the Sentencing Guidelines for the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984.
  • Theater:

    Creator/Performer: BAK TRUPPEN, various performances 1994-1996

    Tonight - a theater piece by the Norwegian company BAK TRUPPEN, which had a live Internet feed going throughout the performance. The network connection was variously brought into the performance by printing pictures from Web pages from a printer suspended over the audiences heads, establishing a parallel IRC channel which was live throughout the performance and whose doings were periodically broadcast into the performance via voice synthesizer, and by allowing network participants to inject directions to the live actors.
    Director, Hard Place Theater, 1990 - 1993
    Created and directed several "non-fiction" theater pieces , using only found materials such as government documents, transcripts and cultural records. Projects included United Airlines, a literal transcript of air-to-ground conversations during a plane crash, interlaced with theoretical and cultural quotes about flying and falling, BobBarkerBucharestBradyBunchBrecht, a requiem for the Cold War, Excerpt's from the Attorney General's Report on Pornography, a deconstruction of the Government's 1985 Report on Pornography which explored inconsistencies in both liberal and conservative views, and 1974 - A Year is a Terrible Thing to Waste , a collage made up of writings from that year, from "I'm OK, You're OK" to Watergate.

    Education: BA Fine Art, Cum Laude, Yale 1986
    Languages: Unix, Perl, Java, French