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Battles of the American Revolutionary War

American Revolution African Americans, Role of (ILT) Hypertext Essay by Rob Cole.

Battles, American Revolutionary War(RBS 5-416 & Eagles) Student Projects & Email.

Bunker Hill, Battle Of (ILT)

Camden & Kings Mountain (Eagles) Student Projects & Email.

Concord, Battle of (Welling)

Cowpens, Battle Of(ILT)

French and Indian War (Welling)

Lexington & Concord(ILT: Essay by Tom Chirgwin)

Lexington Battle of (Welling)

Monmouth, Battle Of (ILT)

Naval Battles (RBS 5-416 & Eagles) Student Projects & Email.

Naval Battles (Eagles) Student Projects.

Revolutionary War, pictures, black sailor

Oriskany, Battle of (Nysernet)

Saratoga, Battle of, and Benjamin Franklin (RBS) Student Project.

Seven Years War (Welling)

Ticonderoga, Fort ( Eagles) Student Projects & Email.

Trenton, Battle Of (ILT)