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Product ID Milky-1
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May Club


Pentium recommended


Windows 95 / 98


16 MB or more

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It is the year 2023. The revolution in communications and human-interface technology that began in the late 20th Century has culminated in the ultimate virtual reality experience: a sexual V.R. simulator that makes mere reality pale by comparison, a virtual-space where every fantasy can be realized.

Welcome to the VR world of May Field.


A nice date with Akiho

In the futuristic world of May Club, you interact with other women in the perfect sensory simulation

In the world of 2023, "virtually" nothing is impossible. A full sensory experience, the May Field virtual world is a special place, where inhibitions can be forgotten, dreams fulfilled and pain forgotten. This is the premise of May Club.

One of the most involved and interesting anime games to be release in the English language, May Club is a true "dating simulator" in which you enter a virtual reality land in search of your true love, the girl who's right for you. There are eight different characters to interact with, from the shy and lovely Akiho to the brazen Reiko to Kirara, a girl with a secret. A highly interactive anime RPG, May Club presents you with more choices and more potential game endings than any other title to date.

Computer-genius Kazumi, the dark Kirara and the bold Reiko: three of the lovely characters you might find love with in May Club

Fun with Keiko

May Club is an interactive anime adventure game for mature persons for Windows 95 & 98. Faithfully translated into English from the Japanese original, with no "dumbing down" for English-speakers, May Club is 100% uncensored. If your heart is true, maybe you can find the love you seek in May Field...

Note: May Club is a 2-D interactive adventure in which the player interacts with on-screen anime characters using game menus. The "virtual reality" premise is part of the game story background, not part of the game itself.


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