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Nocturnal Illusion



486 or faster PC


Windows 95 / 98


16 MB or more

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Some of the lovely women you will meet in the Mansion...

Welcome to the Hall of Illusion, a mysterious place filled with love, sadness and loneliness. The women trapped here long for the warmth of a human hand, the soft touch of a caring friend.

The mysterious Yura
Yura, the mysterious woman with a demon lover...

Please give them your love, your touch, and perhaps you will one day know the true secret of the Mansion... And choose your destiny.

Miwako, in a private moment

Miwako, the caretaker of the Mysterious Mansion, in a private moment

You are Shinichi Kashiwagi, age 22, the lead role in this game. A junior in the Law Department of Toshima University, you are a fairly handsome young man with a good personality -- although you don't have a steady girlfriend. Taking advantage of the long summer break, you decide to spend some time in rural Japan by yourself to reflect on your life. You are caught in a storm, however, and barely survive. This is going to prove a turning point in your life...

Yukina, a sad girl with an attempted suicide in
her past. Will she ever smile again?

Nocturnal Illusion is an interactive anime role-playing game for mature persons for Windows 95, faithfully translated into English from the Japanese original. Can you solve the mystery of the Mansion, and aid the loneliness of the women within?

The mysterious Mermaid

What is the secret of the mermaid?  

Nocturnal Illusion is a text- and graphics-based anime RPG game for adults (Windows 95 or 98). Can you solve the mysteries of the Mansion, and heal the women trapped inside?


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