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What is...

There are so many ways to tell a story.  As history as passed we've seen it stories being told around fires, to around the living room television. 

The basis for One World, by Night is as simple as the idea of a new way of telling a story. 

The basis is simple and many participants consider it one of the most entertaining ways to construct fiction that exists. 

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What is...

White Wolf Gaming Studios™  has come up with a backdrop for LARPs, as well as a system to resolve challenges which cannot be played out in real life.  The first part, the backdrop, is referred to as the World of Darkness. 

The World of Darkness is a little darker, more gothic world that mirrors our own in most ways.

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How much does all this cost?

The only cost of membership in One World by Night is a little time and some dedication.  Although in the future there may be a cost for chronicles to be members we are attempting to keep this as cheap as possible.  There may be other costs should you just be starting a game, such as the purchase of the rule-book Laws of the Night.  However this book and it's proceeds go to White Wolf, who publish the gaming system, and not One World by Night.

The goal of

When White Wolf first created a Live Action version of The Masquerade it was intended for predominantly one or two night play.

Soon, though, in an effort to tell more realistic stories and create a better environment where characters could grow and develop, several ongoing chronicles started springing up. The chronicles, for the most part, let the player decide (to a certain extent) what type of character they were going to play and then watched them develop over the span of months instead of hours.

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