E. W. Williams' AS-19


LOA 19'6" - BEAM  5'6" - DRAFT 10" 
Cat yawl with gaff-rigged main, and sprit-rigged mizzen. Sleeps 2 easily in cuddy, camp style.  Self-bailing, self-righting, easily trailerable.  Weight:  under 1500#.

I completed  Phil Bolger's design #550, Advanced Sharpie AS-19, in 1997.  It was my fourth Bolger boat.  I had already built a brick, a pirogue, and a pointy skiff (from Payson's book) in the preceding four years.  But, I made no photographs of them.

I've posted a few pictures here of the construction and the finished AS-19 here.  She's an odd-looking boat but, to my mind at least, pretty when rigged.  You might think of her as a sharpie scow (with that transom bow).  She handles very well:  fast, balanced, fairly weatherly.  She needs protected waters though, for that blunt bow will dig in a high, deep chop. But, with the deep rocker (see the line drawing) and drawing less than a foot of water, she sits high and it takes a big sea to make it over her bow.

Mike Stockstill bought the boat from me and is sailing it down around Raleigh, North Carolina. You can contact Mike at mkstocks@bellsouth.net.

This is the only shot I have of the AS-19 with sails bent.  (I don't have any of it on the water, I'm afraid.

Here are two shots of it fully rigged, but without canvas...

A couple of photos of construction . . . 
She's built upside down without lofting, then flipped over for finishing.  in the following, the hull is nearly completed.
Hull completed and turned over, but without doghouse...
Starboard bow with doghouse...
Starboard quarter with doghouse.

 E. W. Williams Jr. , at ewwill@widomaker.com
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