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Pump up the ballast. Take a big gulp. And prepare to be hurled through the air like a spoonful of mashed potatoes in a cafeteria food fight. The new X-Star is a wakeboarder's wildest dream come true. It's radical. Raucous. Rude. And totally stoked to give daredevils, thrillseekers and contortionists a serious thrill ride. To create such a perfect wakeboarding boat, we started by putting the engine in the rear. Coupled with our powerful V-drive transmission, this boat was born to board. A ballast fills with more than a quarter-ton of water. That sends the stern deep into the water for a tsunami-inspired wake formation. Add an optional ZeroFlex Flyer™ and your launchpad is ready. Parachute not included. Since we've cleared the deck by moving the engine to the rear, the X-Star now has two huge trunks with room for boards and gear on either side of the engine. Above is a 47" x 69" sun pad with plenty of room to collapse after a series of whirlybirds, mobes and tantrums. Or if you're just watching, kick back in the deeper, more comfortable bow. When you're ready to try other wakes, just empty the ballast and you're ready for smooth slalom, jump or trick runs. Inside, the new X-Star is comfortable and roomy enough to hold just about everyone and everything. From integrated armrests and extra passenger seating to the standard 120-watt Clarion® sound system featuring a 50-watt amplifier and a 10" subwoofer, this is a wakeboarder's wildest dream come true.

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