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The Visual Tcl project is involved with the development of a cross platform, visual, rapid application development environment for Tcl and Tk. The Visual Tcl package is written in Tcl and Tk source code and is therefore easily ported to different platforms. Douglas Bebber (project founder) started developing the Visual Tcl project on Linux. The Visual Tcl package will be distributed under the GNU General Public License and will be freely distributed, source code and all.

The Visual Tcl package is designed to look similar to the Visual Basic development environment. We are developing a prototype of the Visual Tcl package and are distributing it as a "model of what is possible" If you are interested in using such a package, please give us your input. If you would like to contribute to the Visual Tcl development effort please feel free to do so!

We are currently compiling a list of interested developers. If you submit a letter of interest, that includes your name and email address, we will notify you of important updates concerning the Visual Tcl project.
May 29, 1997
Our mailing list has become outdated. We are creating a new mailing list to notify individuals of Visual Tcl/Tk Project changes. Please use the letter of interest link to insure you are on the new mailing list. If you were on the old list, you may not receive updates.

Please feel free to submit any bug reports or feature requests to: Douglas Bebber

Help spread the word about the Visual Tcl Project!

The more people we get involved, the faster we will all get a free, high-quality, visual, rapid application development environment for the Tcl language!

UNIX Distribution
Visual Tcl/Tk version 0.0.6

Windows 95/Windows NT Distribution
Visual Tcl/Tk version 0.0.6

The Visual Tcl/Tk package is a work in progress!

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