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Friday, April 9,1999  

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BEST slate sweeps Student Council election

Paul Gallagher/The South End

n Members of the BEST slate for Student Council (above) swept yesterday's election, save for Students First slate winners Scott Boman and Wesley Person (not pictured here).

By Danielle Grassmyer

The South End


   Yesterday was the "BEST" Student Council election in several years at Wayne State University, as 1,090 students turned out to vote-in the 10 candidates from the Becoming Empowered Students Together slate.

   Two candidates from the Students First slate, Scott Boman and Wesley Person, took the remaining two seats.

   With triple the number of University students voting - 3 percent, compared to 342 last year, or less than 1 percent - the Becoming Empowered Students Together slate was the largest slate campaigning for positions on the council.

   However, according to official election results, 22 votes were voided.

   Kristen Shymanovitz, council secretary, and Philip Pompa, council vice president of Internal Affairs, received some of the highest tallies, along with three members-elect, including sophomore pre-med student Christine Abuel; freshman English and pre-med major Amit Singh Dang; and senior management and human resources major Nicole Adam.

   Other incumbent winners included Member-at-Large Jennifer So, Member-at-Large George Gaudenzi, and Aileen Villarama, vice president for Community Affairs.

   Triumphant members-elect included Farzana Masud, a freshman pre-med student; Scott Boman, a senior physics and education major; graduate student Wesley Person; and Alex Agius, a freshman biology major.

   "I'm extremely happy with the turnout this year," Agius said, adding that seeing larger numbers of people at the polls showed that the hard work put into the campaign paid off.

   But according to Adam, the large voter turnout is a result of more student awareness about Student Council this year at WSU.

   "People were campaigning like crazy, and students took an interest," Adam said, adding that diversity between this year's two slates and two independent candidates could have made a difference as well.

   The two referenda issues on the ballot, the omnibus fee and 24-parking, received substantial support, and according to Boman, who drafted both referenda, these issues now have a chance to be carried out.

   "I would like to serve on the committee to help implement the proposals that the students passed," he said, adding that he thinks it is time for the council to pull together.

   "In politics, you have a plan to campaign," he said. "Once it's done, you can work together."

   Mike Socha, current Student Council president, offered some advice for the incoming council.

   "Cooperation is the key to accomplishing any goal," he said. "Even though the council is split, hopefully they can come together on common issues. I know they will."

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