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Microsoft® Windows 98

The Microsoft Windows 98 operating system is the upgrade to Windows that makes your computer work better and play better. It works better by making it simple to access the Internet and by providing better system performance along with easier system diagnostics and maintenance. With Windows 98, your system plays better as well with support for the latest graphics, sound, and multimedia technologies, the ability to easily add and remove peripheral devices with support for Universal Serial Bus (USB), and it also enables the convergence of the PC and TV in your home.

This exciting new operating system builds on the groundbreaking features introduced with Windows 95. At the same time, Windows 98 maintains the best support for older Windows-based applications and technologies.

* Improved Ease of Use & Internet Access--Dynamic Web-based help and 15 Wizards help make your PC easier to use. Windows 98's Web-aware user interface lets you find information more easily with the same view of content on your PC, network, or the Web.
* Improved Performance & Reliability--Reduce the time it takes to launch applications, get help cleaning your hard disk and improve its efficiency. This is all possible with improvements that make Windows 98 a more robust and reliable operating system.
* Enables a New Generation of Hardware & Entertainment--Take advantage of the latest hardware advances, like the USB and DVD, and expand the use of your PC with multiple monitor and digital imaging support and Microsoft WebTV for Windows.

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 14, 1999
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