London Perl M[ou]ngers What We Will Do

    Our meetings have now settled into a
    regular routine of the first Thursday
    of every month. 

    Please come and join us if you have
    any interest in Perl and live in,
    work in or can be in London on the
    night of the meeting:

    DATE:  Thursday 6th May
    TIME:  From about 6:30pm until we stop
    PLACE: Penderal's Oak (Cellar bar)
           High Holborn
           (Chancery Lane Tube)

    Other stuff we're planning

    More details on these just as soon as we 
    work them out...

    * There may well be the first Annual
      Am-Am Crazy Golf competition in Hastings over
      May Bank Holiday weekend.

    * We're hoping to adopt a camel at London Zoo.

    * We're currently looking for donations (of
      money) to help us set up a European mirror
      of the main machine.

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