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The Internet and the World Wide Web have made available huge amounts of electronic information, changing in many ways the way commerce, research, entertainment, and education are conducted.  At the same time, the amount and scope of data, its unstructured nature, and the number of users have magnified the problems of data access and information management. Several faculty in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments at Stanford have been working on these research challenges over the past few years, exploring digital libraries, data warehouses, the integration of information from heterogeneous sources, data mining techniques, advanced query optimization, user interfaces, the use of semi-structured information, and other issues related to data and information management. This faculty group has now consolidated into a "laboratory", in order to better coordinate our research. This Web page provides pointers to the faculty and activities of the InfoLab. Additional information on the challenges and research topics can be found at the  InfoLab Overview .




Spring 99:  CS 545: InfoLab Seminar  -- Presentations of current research and industrial innovation in information systems, sponsored by Infolab faculty.  Topics range from fundamental database technology to digital libraries, knowledge-based processing and advanced applications. Interaction with speakers is encouraged. [1 unit, Aut, Spr]


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