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What is MkLinux?

Apple Computer is supporting a project with The Open Group - Research Institute to port Linux, a freely distributed UNIX-like operating system, to a variety of Power Macintosh platforms. MkLinux operates on the The Open Group Mach (PMK1.1) microkernel, running natively on the PowerPC microprocessor.

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MkLinux is available both on CD-ROM and by FTP.   Apple's MkLinux FTP site ( offers the complete current release and updates, as well as the latest works-in-progress.   Prime Time Freeware (PTF) working with Apple, has produced the reference release ("MkLinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh") and assisted with the production and distribution of other CD-ROM releases of MkLinux.   Also, be sure to check out the website which is maintained by the MkLinux community.

Apple is also becoming increasingly involved in the Open Source movement with its latest announcement regarding Darwin, the complete Open Source operating system based on the foundations of MacOS X Server.   For more information on Darwin and other Open Source projects at Apple, see the Apple Public Source web site.   If you've just come from there, and you're looking for the Mach 3.0 sources which are at the heart of MkLinux, look here.

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