Carmageddon 2

It caught the attention of Newsweek,The Wall Street Journal, CBS and NBC-TV. It is what many consider to be the world's best driving game. The world's favorite smash and trash racing game is back -- bigger and badder than ever!

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now maintains the same formula of fun, freedom, and pedestrian splattering action that caused so much attention in 1997's smash release. A host of new improvements and features will certainly make this THE game to have this winter.


Introducing Carmageddon. The racing game that separates the men from the grease spots on the road. Drive whatever you want, wherever you want, and over whoever you want. You make the rules. Your motto? Just kill, baby.

The automotive carnage of Carmageddon returns madder and badder than ever in the latest in the Carmageddon series. Interplay announces the release of the first Carmageddon add-on pack, affectionately known as the "Splat Pack".
Max Pack

Everything you ever wanted for the world-wide #1 smash 'n trash driving phenomenon is in one box!

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