Web Course in a Box
Version 3.0

Version 3.0 includes all enhancements from versions 2.03 and 2.04 plus additional new features.
Principal new features:


A Java-based whiteboard is now available with WCB through the use of NetTutor or NetGroup from Link-Systems International. The White Board provides a tool for synchronous communication and a graphical tablet.
Customizable Course Home Page
The Course Home Page can now be customized through different names for the principal course pages; instructors can also substitute their own pages for those created by WCB.
Student Web Portfolios
Students can now create Web portfolios which link to Web projects. These can be for one class or multiple courses.
Access Tracking
Instructors have the option of adding sign-on and sign-off procedures to their course pages, in order to build access logs of student use.
Multiple Instructors
More than one instructor can now have write access to a set of course pages; this allows for secondary as well as guest instructors.
Copying classes between instructors
It is now possible to copy a class over to another instructor. This is helpful in cloning classes which have multiple sections taught by teaching assistants or adjunct faculty.
Super User
The WCB administrator can now easily log in as any user without restarting, allowing better trouble-shooting and working with instructors in training and development.
Faculty Home Page Builder
This function has been improved and allows for greater customization of per-sonal home pages.
Batch-add of WCB accounts
It's now possible for the WCB administrator to batch add accounts for both students and faculty
Choice of WCB usernames
The WCB administrator can now specify usernames. This allows for the use of the same usernames for WCB as for other systems requiring user log-in.

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