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(GMT Games) June 6 - Invasion: Normandy now shipping
1998 Charles S. Roberts Award - online ballot coming soon!
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Updated: 8 April 1330 PST
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Udo Grebe GameDesign

Triumph & Fall of the Desert Fox
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Industry News (4/8/99)
BPA Launches PBEM Tournaments; Assistant Webmasters Needed

Industry News (4/8/99)
New Direction for Berg's Review of Games (BROG)

Industry News (4/6/99)
MagWeb Top 100 Most Read List for 1998

Avalanche Press (4/6/99)
Work-in-Progress Report: RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR

Blue Guidon Games (3/31/99)
FIRE IN MISSISSIPPI Premiere Release for New DTP Publisher

DTP Game Progress Report (3/29/99)
New DTP Game Series to Cover Normandy Invasion

BSO Games (3/29/99)
LOS GRINGOS Covers Smaller Battles of Mexican-American War
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GMT Games (3/29/99)
Great Battles of History Takes to Water
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Ivy Street Games (3/29/99)
CHANTILLY Marks Third American Civil War Game Series Release
Rate This Game!

Charles Vasey Publication (3/29/99)
DEATHRIDE DTP design covers Battle of Mars-la-Tour 1870
Rate This Game!

Game Variant (3/22/99)
As the Block Turns: Variant Rules for VICTORY

Rumored Game Development (3/17/99)
New Axis & Allies Release in the Making?

Industry News (3/17/99)
Boardgame Player's Association Web Site Update

Web Site Launch (3/11/99)
Move Over eBay...Introducing the WargamerHQ Auction Board

The Gamers (3/10/99)
GAZALA Takes Over Where CRUSADER Left Off
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Operational Studies Group (3/9/99)
Rate This Game!

Game Review Journal (3/9/99)
PAPER WARS Issue No. 29

Avalanche Press (3/8/99)
Game Developer Needed for SILENT WAR

Game Support News (3/8/99)
Web Site Updated in Support of Great Campaigns of the American Civil War

One Small Step (3/4/99)
Magazine Schedule and Line-up Changing

Event Announcement (3/4/99)
Celebrate History, April 9-11, 1999

Joe Scoleri (independent) (3/4/99)
The Space and Fantasy Gamer's Guide

Live Chat Event (3/4/99)
The Gamers Net: Live Chat and Special Event Schedule

GMT Games (3/3/99)
PATHS OF GLORY Setting High Expectations

Industry News (3/3/99)
MagWeb "Caching" in on Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line

Moments in History (3/3/99)
Ted Raicer Behind Slew of World War One Titles

Critical Hit, Inc. (3/3/99)
Critical Hit, Inc. Acquires Moments in History

Member Disclosure (2/28/99)
amazon.com Partnership Activity Disclosure

Clash of Arms (12/19/98)
Publisher Pulls Out of US Distributor Channel

One Small Step (12/19/98)
Public Playtest for PEACE IN OUR TIME

Industry News (12/2/98)
Game Giant Eyes Hobby Market

One Small Step (12/1/98)
ANCIENTS Goes Freeware

Clash of Arms (12/1/98)
Volume 10 in the La Bataille Series Forthcoming

GMT Games (11/30/98)
Latest Installment Added to East Front Series

Clash of Arms Games (11/30/98)
SUMMER STORM Makes Good on Winter Arrival
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Online Opinion (11/24/98)
A Strange New (Distributor) World

The Gamers (11/24/98)
GAZALA Follows Upon Heels of CRUSADER

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