Graphical Simulation of Fungal Growth

H S Chan & Dr C Webb, Dept of Chemical Engineering, UMIST

The project aims were to simulate the mycelial growth of fungal spores in a submerged liquid culture. The fungal spores grow larger over a defined time period.

The Application Visualisation System (AVS) from was used as the framework in which to build the simulator. The simulator was written using FORTRAN and was encapsulated as an AVS cooroutine module which outputs the graphical data describing each time step of the simulation. AVS was then used to render and animate these descriptions. To versions of the module were developed, one to simulate a single spore and the final version which simulates an aggregate of spores.

The sequences show the changes which occur over a defined time period.

The work was carried out by H S Chan and Dr C Webb from the Department of Chemical Engineering, UMIST with additional support from the Computer Graphics Unit for the AVS module writing.