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    Nebraska vs. UAB


    12:12 CDT
    Welcome to the text based broadcast for Nebraska vs. the University of Alabama - Birmingham.
    My name is Randy Terbush. I'll be reporting to you today's game progress.

    12:21 CDT
    Hot and humid hear again in Lincoln. Last check, it is 80 degrees with 80% humidity to match. It will be very hot on the field today.
    You can get more details about the local weather at:

    12:24 CDT
    Notable injuries today include Bobby Newcombe, Lance Brown, Jason Wiltz, Deangelo Evans to name a few. Bobby is supposedly available, but is being kept out to preserve his health for next week.

    12:26 CDT
    Players are now taking the field led by team captains and winning coach Frank Solich.

    1st Quarter

    12:32 CDT
    Walker back to receive, brings the ball out to the 22.

    12:32 CDT
    Handoff to Buckhalter, gain of about 6.

    12:34 CDT
    Handoff to Anderson, gain of 4.

    12:35 CDT
    Ball on the 46
    Handoff to Anderson again, no gain.

    12:36 CDT
    Missed a few plays.

    12:37 CDT
    UAB punts. Wiggins back to receive. Punted out of the end zone.

    12:39 CDT
    Husker ball on the 20

    12:40 CDT
    Crouch hits Wiggins in a diving catch. 29 yard gain. Ball on the 49.

    12:41 CDT
    Crouch fires to London. London stopped for a loss.
    Crouch throws again to Cheatham, reception is broken up.

    12:42 CDT
    Buckhalter gets the carry, for short yardage. No first down.

    12:43 CDT
    Punt by the Huskers, not well handled. Ball nearly downed on the 2, but knocked into the end zone. UAB ball on the 20.

    12:44 CDT
    Dixon hands off to Foster for a gain of 2.

    12:45 CDT
    Dixon in the shotgun, misses Troop on the sideline.
    Broken up by Sweeney.

    12:46 CDT
    Dixon screen pass to Foster, nailed by Kelsay at the line of scrimmage.

    12:47 CDT
    Wiggins fields the punt on the 30, and gets some good blocks bringing the ball to the 33 of UAB.

    12:47 CDT
    Timeout called by UAB.

    12:49 CDT
    Crouch in the I, hands to Buckhalter, gain of about 2.

    12:50 CDT
    Crouch screen pass to Mackovicka. Good block by Davison, first down.

    12:51 CDT
    Crouch handoff to Buckhalter, picks up about 5.

    12:52 CDT
    Crouch handoff to Buckhalter stopped at the line.

    12:53 CDT
    Pitch to Buckhalter, stopped on the 4 yard line.

    12:54 CDT
    Handoff to Mackovicka, takes it into the end zone.

    Touchdown Nebraska

    12:55 CDT
    Kickoff by Kris Brown, through the endzone.

    12:56 CDT
    Dixon keeps it and runs around the end for a gain of 3.

    12:57 CDT
    Dixon takes the run around the left and picks up the 1st down. Out to the 35 yard line.

    12:58 CDT
    Handoff to Foster, picks up about 5.

    12:59 CDT
    Dixon pitches to Foster, stopped by Ortiz fumbled out of bounds.

    13:00 CDT
    Polk forces a fumble and stops the play for no gain.

    13:01 CDT
    Punt nearly blocked by Ortiz. Cheatham receives, brings the ball out to the 29.

    13:03 CDT
    Crouch passes to Hafkey. Gain of 6.

    13:04 CDT
    Croach to Cheatham, incomplete.

    13:05 CDT
    Ball on the 40
    Buckhalter gets the handoff for a gain of about 7.
    Stopped by Fox.

    13:06 CDT
    Mackovicka gets the handoff. Gets to the 48 for the 1st down.
    Crouch passes to Jackson, received on the 41.

    2nd Quarter

    13:10 CDT
    Handoff to Mackovicka, gain of 1 to the 40.

    13:14 CDT
    Handoff to Mackovicka, gain of 1 to the 40.

    13:15 CDT
    Crouch, throws to Sheldon Jackson, touchdown!

    Touchdown Nebraska!

    13:17 CDT
    PAT is good.

    13:20 CDT
    PAT is good.
    That was a 22 yard touchdown catch by Jackson.

    13:20 CDT
    PAT is good.
    That was a 22 yard touchdown catch by Jackson.

    13:23 CDT
    Back with you. Server response is rather poor given over 2000 viewers today.
    Bear with me.

    13:25 CDT
    Handoff to Anderson for gain of 6. Stopped by Shaw.

    13:27 CDT
    Blackshirts need to make the stop here.
    Anderson fumbles the handoff but it is recovered by Dixon.

    13:29 CDT
    Dixon hands off to Anderson. Stopped by Shaw. Gain of 4.

    13:30 CDT
    Ball on the 7 of the Huskers.
    Dixon runs it and is stopped by a swarm of blackshirts. Gain of 3.

    13:31 CDT
    Dixon keeps it again, gain of 1. Stopped by Foreman.

    13:32 CDT
    Handoff to Anderson after faked carry by Dixon. In for the touchdown.

    Touchdown UAB

    13:35 CDT
    Crouch overthrows Cheatham. No gain.

    13:36 CDT
    Timeout Nebraska

    13:40 CDT
    We'll try to resolve the server load issue before the second half.

    13:41 CDT
    UAB calls a timeout.

    13:43 CDT
    Crouch throws to Cheatham. Gets to the 30. 15 yard gain.

    13:43 CDT
    Crouch throws to Wiggins in the screen. Gets the first down.

    13:45 CDT
    Pitch to Mackovicka. Gets to the 15.

    13:49 CDT
    Crouch keeps the ball and is stopped behind the line.

    13:53 CDT
    Crouch keeps the ball and is stopped behind the line.

    13:53 CDT
    Crouch keeps the ball and is stopped behind the line.

    13:55 CDT
    Crouch keeps it and carries it in for his first career touchdown.

    Touchdown Nebraska


    14:10 CDT
    Due to the unusually high demand that we are experiencing for our services today, we regret that we must discontinue the play-by-play broadcast of the UAB game.
    We'll work this out and be back next Saturday.

    3rd Quarter

    4th Quarter