introducing OXYGEN RPM

The 3Dlabs® Oxygen™ RPM delivers an expansive 64 Mbytes of unified graphics memory, high-resolution true-color displays and precision Z-buffering at the accessible price you've been waiting for. Have a multi-CPU system? 3Dlabs' exclusive PowerThreads™ multi-threaded OpenGL® drivers automatically exploit all CPUs to boost geometry performance. Plus, the ability to drive dual-screen displays means you don't sacrifice flexibility for price. At last, the workstation-strength graphics you've always wanted - at a price that won't break the bank.

  • OXYGEN RPM Graphics CardA single Oxygen RPM card can drive two high-resolution 3D accelerated monitors for a unified, dual-screen desktop all from a single AGP slot
  • High-quality, true-color rendering with a 24 bit Z-buffer
  • Parallel RPM rasterizers deliver fast shaded and texture-mapped graphics
  • Complete professional buffer support: overlays, fogging, stencil planes, hardware window clipping, destination alpha and anti-aliasing
  • 64 MB of memory means room for high-resolution, double-buffered, true-color displays with plenty of texture memory to spare
  • Maximum true-color resolutions: 1600 x 1200 (single monitor mode) or 2048 x 768 (unified desktop, dual monitor mode)
  • Oxygen 3D cards are certified on the leading animation and authoring applications

Click here for technical specifications on the OXYGEN 3D Graphics Card Family