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HSHost says "Welcome to Hollywood Spotlight on Real, my name is Celeste and I will be your host this evening. Joining me here at the iXL Live studios are my producers Mike, Peter, and Krista, and our incredible typist, Michelle. If you would like to ask our guest a question this evening, it's very simple. Just type in /ask a space and then your question. If you're using "Excite's VP chat" you need only click the "something to say" icon at the bottom right corner of your screen". We are all very excited about our special guest this evening, actor, Anthony Michael Hall. Welcome to the show, Michael! Did you have trouble getting here?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Yes, correct. The 405."
kdaddy asks "what was it like working with Molly Ringwald? do you still keep in touch with any of your former costars?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Molly is a very interesting, complex artistic young lady and we worked together a long time ago, but she was fun and she's a nice lady. We recently saw each other had lunch and caught up."
Howard_ asks "what is Molly Ringwald like?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I do keep in touch with Molly and Judd Nelson .. I did a film with Judd called "Hail, Caesar." I directed it for Showtime. She was definitely great. She's kinda shy. Very interested in music, literature ... a very cool girl."
guest6797 asks "i love you! wil you marry me?"
Kryton asks "Have you abandoned your acting career?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "No. I think what happened was I took a couple years off and been working my way back into it ... doing a lot of TV work recently. I just finished a movie called "Dirt Merchant" with David Faustino and doing another one called "Eternal Revenge" in Montreal I leave on Friday. I do "The Cherry Orchard" shooting in the fall. Mywebsite is I have a virtual store there, getting into business ... and good things."
BillyMilikin asks "How can I find more of you on the Internet?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says " That's actually the name of the domain as well as my music project that I've been producing this past year. My first album is produced and people can pull up the site and see the backstory of my career and stuff. They can send us art and sign our guest book and things like that. We're trying to push the envelope on the new millenium and encourage bold new ideas. I'd welcome the opportunity to do interactive film, with the onset of Broadband it will be network programmable and it's wise to address it."
guest6797 asks "have you been touring with your band? and if so, will you be in the Chicago area anytime soon?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "We are actually doing some dates in the fall in Canada. Going up there to finalize the distribution in Canada, I want to test the waters outside the state and we have band auditions in August. The album is a reflection of all my diverse tastes, growing up all the classic rock, and I'm a big fan of the R&B and funk of the 70's, so there's a lot of span of stuff on the album. It was a studio project, Hall of Mirrors represents that innermost personal reflection of this other aspect of me."
ExciteUser asks "wu-tangklick: whats your favorite music group?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I'm a big fan of Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, alternative acts. A lot of the hip hop, Busta, Puffy, we ran into each other in NY the other day. Me and Puffy Daddy."
HSHost says "I was there!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Oh, I missed ya! I saw him on the dance floor on the cell ... you know entrepeneurs."
karcher asks "would u like to do a movie in canada? if so which province would u pick to do it in?"
HSHost says "He was fighting with his girlfriend."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I love Canada, I was blessed to be part of Poltergeist the Legacy series. Vancouver is chic and progressive and I'm going to Montreal on Friday to shoot "Eternal Revenge. I'm not knowledgeable on the provinces, but I think Canadians are wonderful, jprogressive, hardworking,"
Kryton asks "How did you first get into the music career?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "'My mother, Mercedes Hall has been a vocal teacher for 20 years in NYC, so growing up I had the upbringing of Whitney or Mariah in terms of a songstress mother. She sang cabaret and just always having music in the house like other kids and growing up on MTV."
HSHost says "Are you an MTV fan?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Yeah, I think it's an incredible network. It's shaped the global consciousness in terms of fast cuts ... there's been a whole revolution and I think it's great. I hosted for VH1 recently and it was great, too. It's how videos are becoming more filmic. I'd love to direct some videos. We have plans to do so in the fall."
karcher asks "would u direct a movie? if so what actors/actoress will u pick for it?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Cool question. I directed a film in 1994 for Showtime ... who are great .. they took care of me. I worked with Downey and Downey Sr. they're old friends ... Robert is a genius and coming back strong. Samuel Jackson showed up and was in the film ... he's wonderful ... a hero of mine."
guest6815 asks "If you hadn't chosen acting as a career, what would you have chosen."
HSHost says "I stumped him!"
HSHost {action} laughs1"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I think I might be a lounge musician or something, I don't know. Great question ... I was never really fond of the 9 to 5, I have serious interests in terms of developing a business in art, I guess. We're actually meeting with investors, near a negotiation point. We're looking to launch this entertainment company. My goal is to produce films the way Miramax did and Danny DeVito's company did."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Real cutting edge.
AnthonyMichaelHall says "We have about 25 projects in development now and I'm finalizing things. The goal is to produce cutting edge films, comedy, drama and tie in the soundtracks .. they comprise half of the top ten moneymaking albums on the market. What makes a film memorable is often the music and vice versa."
HSHost says "Have you seen Last Days of Disco?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "No, but it looks good."
HSHost says "I loved it. We had Whit Stillman on and his soundtrack is doing well. Did you see Barcelona and Metropolitan? Or Buffalo 66?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I did see Metropolitan and liked it."
HSHost says "I'm totally promoting Buffalo 66."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Hats off. I think those people like Spike and Jim Jarmusch and John Sales and Quentin ... he's at the top of the list ... wonderful crazy Italian ... which I can respedct."
guest6788 asks "would you ever consider working with John Hughs again? do you think you would be where you are today without him?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Yes, I'd consider it any day of the week. I credit them for putting me on the map and giving me those opportunities as a child. I had the time of my life."
Joanee asks "What do you think about what happens to child actors, for instance McCauley Kulkin?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Mm ..Yeah, I don't know. It's hard to comment on anyone else's family or career. I think McCauley's great, he'll mature wonderfully .. he's recently been married. For me, there was a lot to learn, a lot of stimulation, wonderful qualities to it, too."
kdaddy asks "what was it like being a teen star?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I had the ability to earn money and discover what it was to be recognized for my work. I had a 15 year jump on it ... it was an education. God! You should see what Celeste looks like!"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I had a great time looking back ... I made great friends like producer Peter Bill here at iXL. I met people more established in the industry ... that was one of the advantages."
HSHost says "By the way, you're going to get me a stalker!"
guest6774 asks "What was the first acting role you were in?"
HSHost {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I did a play with Steve Allen ... it was summer stock. He's an amazing guy ... a catalogue of hundreds of songs he's written, one of the original creators of The Tonight Show, been on iXL, baby! He helped guide me, I was 8 when I worked with him."
HSHost says "You must have been hyper!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Yeah, I guess."
guest6788 asks "are you more into your music career now than your acting?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I'm looking to develop all aspects of my career as I approach building a company and going on that journey. I'm gearing up this year to produce stuff, and if you go to the site, we have a virtual store and we're also selling the album on They're wonderful to me and helping us launch this boutique label, Ram Records My label. I really have a vision for it, we have wonderful artists who are cutting edge and doing great design work."
guest6797 asks "if a great series were offered to you. would you ever consider taking it or do think that you would be selling out?"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Good question. The industry has changed. At the time, Bruce Willis, there were very few TV stars that had film deals, and it's really changed. That's a good thing, the communications era is here and I think it's smart ot work as many mediums as possible."
Dan_K asks "Who is the biggest inspiration in your life and your career?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Interesting. In my life, my mother. For being a leader and showing me what it means to respect myself. I was born in Boston, Mass. I go back .. the DeRosa family is my Mom's family ... big shout out to them! I was raised in NYC."
Joanee asks "What would you suggest to a person just starting in the business."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I have a good answer for this. There's a great line someone told me, Sjpencer Tracy's .... "If you want to be a good actor, don't get caught doing it." Old school advice ... I like to stick to those things."
ExciteUser asks "anon: How old were you when you lost your virginity?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I will not answer that. Thank you."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
Kryton asks "Are you embarrassed that when people hear your name, they automatically think of "Sixteen Candles" ?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Not at all! Not at all."
HSHost says "Nothing to be embarrassed about."
HSHost {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
guest6797 asks "do you find that people still recognize you as the boy from 16 candles? i bet it gets annoying."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Nah, I just take it in stride. I think it's wonderful.. I appreciate any positive input. I appreciate the fact that uh .. I just acknowledge that period of work as a great period of my life. I think it's a positive thing."
guest6788 asks "what role that you played do you think had the most influence on your career?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I haven't done it yet, I don't think."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Being cagey there."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
Dan_K asks "Do you perfer serious roles or comedic roles?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I like both. I think it's uh .. I definitely want to do more comedies and get into producing and acting in some comedies and I also have a penchant for drama and all that stuff ... would like to do some harder edged films too. Work with some great actors."
Dan_K asks "If you could work with anyone you wanted film-wise who would it be?"
HSHost says "Too bad you guys can't see him .. he's doing lots of great hand movements and stuff!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "What was that about?"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Now you're doing it! Celeste. No. there's a lot. Tarantino, Scorsese, Cameron .."
Joanee asks "what was your least favorite film to make?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Uh ... I pledge the fifth. I won't answer that."
HSHost says "You're just such a sweet guy."
Joanee asks "Where would you like to be ten years from now?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I would like to be further along in my career as a producer .. filmmaker .. and record producer."
marge_the_palmolive_lady asks "What made you want to get into music/ Is it something you have always wanted to do or is it a new desire?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Something I always wanted to do."
Kryton asks "Do you think the movie "The Breakfast Club" had an impact on people?"
HSHost says "did you used to sing in the bathtub?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I used to sing in the shower, bathtub everywhere .... I hope so. Yeah."
kdaddy asks "you played a totally different character than your norm in "Johnny Be Good," was that fun for you?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Yeah. Texas was neat. We shot in San Antonio. That was the best part of it."
HSHost says "Really? That's where I"m from. That place sucks!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I enjoyed it. I liked the people."
misfit_woman asks "Earlier in your acting career you played many roles of social misfits, but later it seemed to reverse. Which do you identify with more personally?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Mm ... good question. I don't know. I'd have to say a combination. I don't know."
HSHost says "A combination of the social misfit and the cool guy?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I didn't say that!"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I'd say I"m more of a social misfit, but I'm trying to get organized."
Little Princess asks "Do you ever pick up any character traits of the characters you act as? Or have a hard time getting out of character?"
HSHost says "You look like a cool guy to me."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Thanks, Celeste. No, I just work on it in my hotel room before the next day's work. I prepare the night before. I don't really take the work home."
misfit_woman asks "Relate a great memory from working on Saturday NIght live."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Madonna. She was cool ... cool. Madonna plug. Fireball. She was the first host, it was an exciting night as I recall."
VyperBites asks "When you hung out with Guns n' Roses did Alxe ask for your autograph?."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "No, I haven't met him! I did a track on the album with Gilby Clark and he's a killer shredding guitar player, and we recorded a track called "Hollywood Trash" which is on the album. There's dance stuff, funk stuff, blues undercurrent to some of it. I play a lot of rhythm guitar and add the percussion at that point ... a diversity of stuff. I couldn't limit myself .. I worked with Lester Comacho, who's a friend ... an engineer, he did Sneaker Pimps and Sarah McLachlan and bought a lot of boom to the project. Really gave me a lesson in engineering."
Orlena asks "What is something about you that your fans would be suprised to know?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I get up really early in the morning."
HSHost says "What for?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "To greet the day. I find the morning is a wonderful time to organize for the day. I get up at 6:30am-7:00am read, clear my head, I hang on the beach with my boxer puppy and I read, he runs."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "He's my partner."
Joanee asks "what would you like to do that you have'nt done yet?"
HSHost {action} chuckles"
HSHost says "Just like a little couple."
guest6788 asks "has the hall of mirrors released any new cd's lately?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Win some Oscars and Grammies. Yes, you can place your order by check or mastercard on the website, We do take VISA. We're gearing up to release the music up there. It's for order now. So, you can place an order."
Dan_K asks "What are some of the weirdest things that happened to you as a child/young actor?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Movies."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Going to film premiers and meeting a lot of exciting people. The whole experience of living and working in LA is quite a thing."
guest6797 asks "how does it feel yo finally have broken away from the 'brat pack' image?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Well, thank you. I actually never belonged to that article that launched this whole concept of the Brat Pack, they never went after me thankfully. A NY magazine article. They just sat those guys down, secrets were rrevealed and then slogans caught on and stuff like that."
HSHost says "Have you seen Ally Sheedy's new movie?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I haven't. But, I heard it's good."
guest6829 asks "if you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "No-thing. I don't know. I would like to be very productive, successful with my own company in the future. That's the focus. And obviously work with other great talent."
Orlena asks "What was it about acting that made you decide that it was the career for you?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "When the first check arrived I think. Propellor head, a shout out from Peter Bill! He says "Hey, PB!j" Membership has it's privileges."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
misfit_woman asks "Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies we might not know (that you're willing to share)?"
HSHost {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Um .... The music is a hidden talent so pull up the website and order it .. and you'll see for yourself."
ExciteUser asks "Dex-98: heard rumors of a breakfast club sequel, true?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Not that I know of. No. I'd be interested. Absolutely. MTV wanted to reunite us all and bestow this special award on us at the Movie Awards last year but Judd had a family illness and had to go back to the east coast."
HSHost says "Were you friends with Charlie Sheen?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I've seen him coming and going a few times. He's a cool guy, yeah."
VyperBites asks "When you read the script to sixteen candles what was your first reaction?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Do it."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I had to audition for the project in NYC and had a series of meetings, had fun in the audition phase. John is great at nurturing his actors, incorporating their talents and adding things. He's great about that."
VyperBites asks "Are you active in sports or is your scedual too pack for such leasurly activities?."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I do a little meditation ... light work out, push ups and sit ups and watch my diet."
kdaddy asks "have you seen Stomp?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I've seen clips from it. That's a killer Broadway musical .... The cast plays out these incredible rhythms with trash cans and stuff ..."
HSHost says "We gotta get Michael out more you guys!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "You never call me, Celeset!"
misfit_woman asks "How do you think teens of this generation are different from those of us who grew up in the eighties?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "You just leave these rude messages and things. No, I'm just kidding. I'd venture to say they're not that different, just another day. I don't know. That'd be a great survey."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
Kryton asks "If you could turn any movie into a musical, which movie would it be and why?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Good question. Still a huge fan of The Crow for it's comic book reality, I love that. I love uh .. I don't know. I'm a huge fan of that film, for some reason, that came to mind."
Dex-98 asks "Did he enjoy making wierd science?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Absolutely. We were on location in Chicago and we were at Universal and yeah it was great, a great cast. Great actors Wally Langham ... Downey, Russler, and uh .... great people. I had a lot of fun. And, the great Joel Silver, wonderful producer to work for. He schooled me on many topics."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
HSHost says "I'm sure he did."
HSHost {action} chuckles"
Little Princess asks "Did you ever have a self asteem problem and if so did the stardom help?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "She's so sublime! Haven't we all. And, no."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
Joanee asks "Who is your favorite actress that youve had a "love" scene with? and why?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "That' takes a long time to figure out. it's been an interesting journey, learning and traveling. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I haven't done too many yet, I look forward to it."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Sophomoric little answer there."
HSHost {action} chuckles"
guest6774 asks "Who were some of your influences/role models when you were younger?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Not really in film. I think uh ... I've always been a huge fan of The Artist, Prince, his work in the studio and his output is amazing .. his work ethic."
misfit_woman asks "What is Tim Burton like as a director?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I did on Edward Scissorhands. Very prepared. He started out as an animator, grew up in Burbank, cool, interesting, a crazy genius! A very inspired guy to work with. ON the set, he's always on the balls of his feet, knows how everything should look and what he's got to do."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Johnny's cool."
HSHost says "Been to the Viper Room?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I have. I've never seen him there. He's on one side of a mirrored room or something!"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} laughs"
HSHost {action} laughs!"
VyperBites asks "Weird Science was a cool show. Did you ever get a chance to talk about being on the TV series before they put it out on TV?."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "No. I was actually never paid for it becoming a tv show, either. I contacted the producers of the show and wanted to get involved on some level and at the time they were already slated for their directors, and it's an established niche market, tv directing."
ExciteUser asks "Dex-98: What was it like playing will smith's boyfriend in six degrees of separation?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "It was cool, though. Once you go black, baby, you never go back!"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} laughs!"
HSHost {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Will was cool. We were actually more paranoid heterosexuals on the set! I was more willing to go David Bowie, but he wouldnt' go there. It was a great experience, I'm very proud of the film, it takcled a lot of very controversial and difficult subject matters, Fred the director really worked with me and helped me generate a performance and question my methods, really encouraged me."
Orlena asks "Have you ever considered doing anything on Broadway?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I'd love to. It wouldn't be in Grease. And, for four weeks only!"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I'm a fan of the filmm, but I don't think it'd be a musical venture, but who knows, I'm open to it. It's a powerful medium, I grew up going to see shows as a Manhattanite."
HSHost says "Do you live there now?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I live by the beach most of the year, split up the time."
VyperBites asks "Are you ever mobed in public or do you sneek out undectected under the throngs of fans?."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I need a damn Tony Robbins cassette to figure out what the hell that meant! Gooooo lllly! I've slipped through the crowd faster than Leo on a damn good night. I've been approached by fans, people asking me about my movies, or they think they know me .. went to school with me. They come up with wild stuff."
Orlena asks "What film that you've seen stands out most in your mind as being very good, or very bad."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I'd like to pass ...."
HSHost says "No, come on .. you have an opinion here ..."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "This girl is going through her purse looking for her pager while I'm doing an interview here! Can you believe this, Michelle?"
HSHost says "No! They wrote this question!"
VyperBites asks "What is your favorite animal... Oops I mean actor?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I don't know what the hell she's saying!"
HSHost says "I'll let Peter take over! Since you guys are friends!"
HSHost {action} laughs!"
Kryton asks "Is there a project that you regret having done?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "No, I wouldn't admit it if there had been!"
HSHost says "You're so on the fence!"
guest6829 asks "Is there any special woman in your life?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Yes."
HSHost says "Are you gonna tell us? wooooooh!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "No."
HSHost says "I hope she's not listening to the show."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "She's not."
Orlena asks "Will you be and ally of Celeste and I when we take on Hollywood, lol"
HSHost says "Orlena, we love you!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Absolutely! wink, wink"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} winks"
HSHost says "Orlena, send him a deal memo!"
kdaddy asks "out of all the roles you've had, which was the most fun for you and why?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Uh .. that's a hard one."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} sighs"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "All of them for different reasons. It's been an evolution."
HSHost says "Okay."
VyperBites asks "I have to know. Did you ever meet Bruce Campbell? His assistant says he is evil. I have to know the truth. If you have met him is he really evil?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Well, LA, cyberjunkies!!!! Michelle, call the View please .. she's needs an audition!"
HSHost {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Rocketman, baby!"
VyperBites asks "Are you a Leo? I am a lioness myself."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "In that Jennifer Connolly film. He doesn't look evil. I'm a Ram I am."
HSHost says "I'm a Scorpio."
Little Princess asks "Are you a person who would cry in movies?"
HSHost says "Scorpios sting! Oh, it was Billy Campbell in Rocketeer!"
HSHost {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Next question ...."
ExciteUser asks "fifthcees: how does your parents support you in your roles?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Good question. They take my calls."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "They're very supportive."
guest6835 asks "Every year I've looked back on the year before and thought ,"I know so much more than I did then." Are there any Insites you care to reflect on, that you've learned or been turned on to?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "These people are laughing at this wonderful young lady who send this question in!"
HSHost {action} chuckles"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Uh .... Too many to mention at this point ... can we move on? I can't be that eloquent on ...."
ExciteUser asks "Dex-98: Did you enjoy making vacation with chevy chase?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Yeah, I did. Totally."
HSHost says "what's Chevy like?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Like what you see. He's great. Very cunning, very smart, very funny guy."
ExciteUser asks "LaUrA_15: how does it feel to work with a hottie such as emilio estevez?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Uh ... what do I say?"
HSHost says "You're really attracted to him! You want to jump his bones?"
HSHost {action} laughs"
Howard_ asks "What do you do for fun?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Great ass. No, I think you look better, Celeste."
HSHost says "Besides .. reading with your dog?"
HSHost {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Celeste ...."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I was approached by Chapman University in Orange County ... hello to everyone ova deh!"
guest6829 asks "How did you get started with your literacy program?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Launching this literacy program to keep kids in High School and it keeps them learning their skills and they've done nicely .. they've come from troubled homes and a lot of them are taking their SAT's and writing screenplays and poems ... we did field trips to the museum of tolerance and Jan Osborne and Bobbie Fisher are wonderful educators over there ... wonderful ladies. Starbucks and the Edison company have now sponsored us. Any corporate CEO's want to pull up and further this ...."
misfit_woman asks "Have you ever been directed by a woman? What's your opinion on the shortage of female directors?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Mm ... great question.; The answer is no, I haven't. I have yet to work with one. There's certainly a shortage. The ones who are out there are very bold. I really like Allison Anders work, Jodie Foster is an exemplary producer and talented lady. Betty Thomas is a wonderful female director, I was on the set of Dr. DoLittle and she's great."
ExciteUser asks "Dex-98: did you know john candy very well?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "me, too."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "I didn't get to know him too well. I had a wonderful time working with him. It was a thrill. He really cared to make people laugh. Especially on and off the set as well. I'd be in tears, he'd have me peeing! He really was so funny."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} 's phone rings really loudly!"
HSHost says "Now that's Michael's phone!"
VyperBites asks "Have you ever been to Utah? Where would you like to go? I want to go to Saturn but the weather is bad there and it is a lonely place."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "sorry! I worked in Salt Lake on Touched By an Angel episode. It was wonderful."
HSHost says "Really? Roma Downey, she's a babe. We have time for one more question ..."
BillyMilikin asks "whats one of the wildest thing you've ever done?"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Celeste's interview."
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} chuckles"
HSHost says "You dont' have to rattle off all of them."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "You are rude! Straight up rude! I'd have to think about it .... I need some time on that one. Can we take one final one? How would you answer that question? It's a tough one!"
guest6774 asks "What do you like most about acting?"
AnthonyMichaelHall {action} laughs!"
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Um .... working with cool people and traveling I'd have to say."
HSHost says "Michael, thank you so much for joining us tonight. It was a pleasure to have you on the show! You were a lot of fun! We really enjoyed having you. Sorry if I was too harsh on you."
AnthonyMichaelHall says "Not at all! Thanks!"
HSHost says "And, thanks to all you viewers out there for chatting with us at REAL HOLLYWOOD.COM. Please join us again tomorrow night at 7:00pm PST/10:00pm EST when our guest will be Broadway legend, Lanie Kazan. Goodnight, everyone!"