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Welcome to The Midas Report home page.  The Midas Report with Michael Trudeau is just one of many informative talk programs offered by The Genesis Communications Network. The Midas Report is a cutting edge news and information program for the next millenium. The Midas Report deals with a wide array of privacy issues and increasing government involvement in the lives of every American citizen.  

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Michael Trudeau has interviewed authors, politicians,  newsmakers, and experts on topics that effect the      average working American citizen.  President Clinton’s Y2K Czar, John Koskinen, author Michael Hyatt, U.S. Senator’s Paul Wellstone, Gordon Smith, and Rod Grams are just a few of the important guests heard on The Midas Report.

For more information on The Midas Report with Michael Trudeau, or for a tape of any broadcast, call us toll free at 1-877-99-MIDAS.

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America's Economic Perspective

America’s Economic Perspective is the latest program offering from The Genesis Communications Network. America’s Economic Perspective with Michael Haga is an informative talk program dealing with the most current economic and social topics of the day.  From Wall Street to the occult, Michael Haga’s special guests share poignant information that is unavailable or difficult to find in mainstream American free press.  Michael Haga is an attorney, economist, and author who has devoted much of his time to uncovering the truth and exposing corruption in American government.  For more information on America’s Economic Perspective, or for a tape of any broadcast, call us toll free at 1-877-996-4327.

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The Genesis Communications Network – Exercising our First Amendment Rights to bring you the information you need in the new millenium.



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Future Guests:

4-29-99 Dan Ludwig

4-21-99  Tony Keys

4-19-99  Charles Phillips

4-15-99  Jim Belisle

4-13-99  Dan Ludwig

4-12-99  Bob Zelnick

4-9-99  Ed Yourdon

4-8-99  Michael Hyatt