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Name: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Location: Balkan Peninsula
Area: 39,449 sq.mi.
Capital: Belgrade (Serbia), Podgorica (Montenegro)
Independence: April 27, 1992
National Holiday: St. Vitus Day, June 28
Constitution: April 27, 1992
Population: 11,206,039
Suffrage: 18 years old; Yugoslav citizenship
Ethnicity: Serb 63%, Albanian 14%, Montenegrins 6%, Hungarians 4%, other 13%
Languages: Serbo-Croatian 95%, Albanian 5%
Religions: Orthodox 65%, Muslim 19%, Roman Catholic 4%, Protestant 1%, other 11%


Federal President Slobodan Milosevic (b. 1941) (7/23/1997): elected by the Federal Assembly; 4 year term
President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic
Serbian President Milan Milutinovic
Federal Executive Council
Prime Minister Momir Bulatovic (b. 1956) (5/19/1998): nominated by the President
   • Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Sainovic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Vladan Kutlesic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Jovan Zebic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Vuk Draskovic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Lilic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Danilo Vuksanovic
   • Minister of Agriculture Nedeljko Sipovac
   • Minister for Coordination of Relations with International Organizations Nebojsa Maljkovic
   • Minister of Defense Pavle Bulatovic
   • Minister of Domestic Trade Slobodan Nenadovic
   • Minister for Economy and Industry Rade Filipovic
   • Minister of Finance Bozidar Gazivoda
   • Minister of Foreign Affairs Zivadin Jovanovic
   • Minister of Foreign Trade Borisa Vukovic
   • Minister of Internal Affairs Zoran Sokolovic
   • Minister of Justice Zoran Knezevic
   • Minister of Labor, Health, & Social Policy Miroslav Ivanisevic
   • Minister of Science, Development, & Ecology Jagos Zelenovic
   • Minister of Sport Zoran Bingulac
   • Minister of Telecommunication Dojcilo Radojevic
   • Minister of Trade & Tourism Djordje Siradovic
   • Minister of Transportation Dejan Drobnjakovic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Jugoslav Kostic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Vuk Ognjanovic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Radonja Minic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Goran Matic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Milan Bozic
   • Minister Without Portfolio (Human Rights & Minority Affairs) Margit Savovic
Montenegro Council of Ministers
* Prime Minister Filip Vujanovic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Dragisa Burzan
   • Deputy Prime Minister Predrag Goranovic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Novak Kilibarda
   • Deputy Prime Minister Asim Telacevic
   • Minister of Agriculture & Forestry Milutin Simovic
   • Minister of Culture Budimir Dubak
   • Minister of Education and Science Dragan Kujovic
   • Minister of Environment Miladin Vukotic
   • Minister of Finance Miroslav Ivanisevic
   • Minister of Foreign Affairs Branko Perovic
   • Minister of Health Mugosa Miomir
   • Minister of Industry, Power Industry, & Mining Vojin Djukanovic
   • Minister of Internal Affairs Vukasin Maras
   • Minister of Justice Dragan Soc
   • Minister of Minority Issues Ljujidj Juncaj
   • Minister of Religious Affairs Slobodan Tomovic
   • Minister of Sport Slavoljub Stijepovic
   • Minister of Tourism Vlado Mitrovic
   • Minister of Trade Ramo Bralic
   • Minister of Transport & Maritime Affairs Jusuf Kalamperovic
   • Minister of Urban Planning Radovan Bakic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Predrag Drecun
Serbian Council of Ministers
* Prime Minister Momir Bulatovic (b. 1956)
   • Deputy Prime Minister Milovan Bojic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Ratko Markovic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Nikolic
   • Deputy Prime Minister Vojislav Seselj
   • Deputy Prime Minister Dragomir Tomic
   • Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Jovan Babovic
   • Minister of Civil Engineering Dejan Kovacevic
   • Minister of Culture Zeljko Simic
   • Minister of Economic & Property Transformation Jorgovanka Tabakovic
   • Minister of Education Jovo Todorovic
   • Minister for Energy & Mining Zivota Cosic
   • Minister of Environment Branislav Blazic
   • Minister for Family Welfare Miroslav Nedeljkovic
   • Minister of Finance Borislav Milacic
   • Minister of Health Leposava Milicevic
   • Minister of Industry Luka Mitrovic
   • Minister of Information Aleksandar Vucic
   • Minister of Internal Affairs Vlajko Stojiljkovic
   • Minister of Justice Dragoljub Jankovic
   • Minister of Labor, Veterans Affairs and Social Welfare Tomislav Milenkovic
   • Minister for Local Self-Administration Gordana Pop-Lazic
   • Minister of Relations with Serbs Outside Serbia Miroslav Mircic
   • Minister of Religious Affairs Milovan Radovanovic
   • Minister of Science & Technology Branislav Ivkovic
   • Minister of Sports & Youth Zoran Andjelkovic
   • Minister of Tourism Slobodan Cerovic
   • Minister of Trade Zoran Krasic
   • Minister of Transport Dragan Todorovic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Milan Beko
   • Minister Without Portfolio Maja Gojkovic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Djura Lazic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Paja Momcilov
   • Minister Without Portfolio Ivan Sedlak
   • Minister Without Portfolio Slobodan Tomovic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Cedomir Vasiljevic
   • Minister Without Portfolio Bogoljub Karic
Federal Secretary for Information Milan Komnenic


Federal Assembly
• Chamber of Citizens [Vece Gradjana]: 138 members; elected by party list vote from 27 multi-member Serbian constituencies and 9 multi-member Montenegrin constituencies; 4 year term; website; 108 reserved for Serbia, 30 reserved for Montenegro
   * Speaker Milomir Minic: elected by secret ballot majority vote of members

Chamber of Citizens Elections

• Chamber of Republics [Vece Republika]: 40 members; 20 indirectly elected by Serbian assembly, 20 indirectly elected by Montenegrin assembly; 4 year term; website
   * President Srdja Bozovic: elected by secret ballot majority vote of members

Chamber of Republics Elections


Constitutional Court: elected by the federal assembly
Federal Court [Savezni Sud]: elected by the federal assembly

Local Government

2 republics [pokajina, pokajine]: Montenegro, Serbia
2 autonomous provinces: Kosovo, Vojvodina


Democratic Community of Vojvodina Hungarians—SVM [Stranka Vojvodjannskih Madzare]; politics E; Sandor Pall
Democratic Socialist Party of Montenegro—DPS [Demokratska Partija Socialista Crna Gore]; politics 2; President Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic
People's Union—NSL [Narodni Sloga]
    • Liberal Alliance of Montenegro—LS [Liberalni Savez]; politics 4; Slavko Perovic
    • People's Party of Montenegro—NS [Narodna Stranka]; politics LN (Montenegro); Novak Kilibarda
    • New Democracy Movement for Serbia—ND [Nova Demokratija-Pokret za Srbiju]; politics 4; website; Dusan Mihajlovic
    • Serbian Socialist Party—SPS [Socialisticka Partija Srbije]; politics A; former Communist Party; website; Slobodan Milosevic
    • Yugoslav Left—JUL [Jugoslovenska Levica]; politics 2; website; Mirjana Markovic
Serbian Radical Party—SRS [Srpska Radikalna Stranka]; politics 8I; Vojislav Seselj
Together—Z [Zajedno]
    • Civic Alliance of Serbia—GSS [Gradjanski Savez Srbije]; politics 4; website; Chairman Vesna Pesic
    • Democratic Party—DS [Demokratska Stranka]; politics 5; website; Zoran Djindjic
    • Democratic Party of Serbia—DSS [Demokratska Stranka Srbije]; politics LN (Serbia); website; Vojlslav Kostunica
    • Serbian Renewal Movement—SPO [Srpski Pokret Obnove]; politics LN (Serbia); website; President Vuk Draskovic
Vojvodina Coalition—KV [Koalicija Vojvodina]; politics L


GDP: $24.3 bln. (1997) per capita $2,165
Growth: 7.0% (1997)
Unemployment: 0.0% (1995)
Inflation: 7.0% (1997)
Imports: $2.4 bln. (1995); partners Russia, Italy, Germany
Exports: $1,400 mln. (1995); partners Germany, Italy, Russia
National Bank of Yugoslavia
* Governor Dusan Vlatkovic


CA, BIS, CERN, G-15, G-19, G-24, G-77, G-9, ICC, IFRCS, Inmarsat, IOM, ISO, Intelsat, NAM, OSCE, WToO


Head of the Mission to the UN, New York Vladislav Jovanovic

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