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Welcome to the Internet Camera Library, hosted by Jim and Janet's Planet. The Internet Camera Library is a database that contains pictures of cameras. This database should help those that are buying, selling, or researching cameras discover what a particular make and model camera looks like. All of the pictures of cameras in the Internet Camera Library are public domain and may be downloaded and used freely.

If you would like to donate a picture to the Internet Camera Library, please follow these guidelines. The picture should be in either gif or jpeg format and must have a resolution not smaller than 320x240 pixels and not larger than 640x480 pixels. Send the picture as a binary attachment to an email and send the email to Please include the following information:

Only submit pictures that you have taken yourself. Do not submit pictures scanned from magazines or other copyrighted materials. By submitting a picture of a camera for publication in the Internet Camera Library, you are agreeing to release that picture into the public domain and thus relinquish any copyrights to that picture.

Advanced Photo System Point and Shoot Cameras
Advanced Photo System Single Lens Reflex Cameras

35mm Folding Cameras
35mm Panoramic Cameras
35mm Point and Shoot Cameras
35mm Rangefinder Cameras
35mm Single Lens Reflex Cameras
35mm Stereo Cameras
35mm Twin Lens Reflex Cameras

Medium Format Folding Cameras
Medium Format Panoramic Cameras
Medium Format Rangefinder Cameras
Medium Format Single Lens Reflex Cameras
Medium Format Stereo Cameras
Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex Cameras

Large Format 4x5 Cameras
Large Format 5x7 Cameras
Large Format 8x10 Cameras

Other Roll Film Cameras

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