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Apple Purchases Rights to MP3 Codec
Apple Posted by Hemos on Tuesday April 27, @10:26AM EDT
from the mine-mine-mine dept.
Wolven Spectre writes "AppleInsider has said and MacNN revealed that at over the weekend Apple purchased the rights to the MP3 Codec from Frauenhofer, the creators of the format, so theat the new Quicktime 4.0 will have a quantum leap up in audio quality, in an attempt to become a leading media standard again.

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The Mindcraft Debacle: Part MCXVI
Linux Posted by Hemos on Tuesday April 27, @09:12AM EDT
from the more-fun-with-numbers dept.
Quite a number of people wrote in to alert us to the Salon story about the Mindcraft survey. Andrew Leonard, does a great job of tracing the trail, including the information about how Mindcraft is asking for help from Linus, but is not apparently giving him the information that he needs. Ah, the joys of industry. Mindcraft has agred to re-do the tests, with Linus' help, as aforementioned, but is continuing to be...less then forthcoming about the tests. Meanwhile, Microsoft is trumpeting the original study.

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Phantom Menace Soundtrack - First MP3 Single -Pulled
Star Wars Prequels Posted by Hemos on Tuesday April 27, @09:08AM EDT
from the time-for-the-/.-effect dept.
MartinD writes "Theforce.net has a link up to the first released track from "Episode One". Get the single and start listening. " Have I ever mentioned how much I like electronic distribution? Of course, if you read the page, you can find that the RIAA has made them pull it. Yep-time to troll the newsgroups for it.

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ABC News' The Answer Geek Defends Hackers
News Posted by Hemos on Tuesday April 27, @08:48AM EDT
from the knowing-your-terms dept.
Rolan writes "An article I found today on ABC News Online actually defends hackers and puts into the media the difference. Take a look, it's short, but better than nothing! " It's a good thing to see that the media can actually get things right sometimes. Although I'm sure katz would disagree.

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Dell to do Factory-Installation of Red Hat
Red Hat Software Posted by Hemos on Tuesday April 27, @08:45AM EDT
from the but-i-want-va dept.
Tomas wrote over to remind us about Dell's announcement that they will be doing factory-installation of RH 6.0 on select "Red-Hat" certified configurations of PowerEdge Severs, Precision Workstations and OptiPlex desktop machines. Dell has been flirting with a while-this looks like an engagement ring.

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SCO's Michels Blasts 'Punk Kids' Linux
Linux Posted by Hemos on Tuesday April 27, @08:42AM EDT
from the it's-time-for-flame-bait! dept.
assimilated writes "In the April 26th issue of Computerworld, president and CEO of SCO made a few well-put comments about the Linux "religion". I think he was right on. A legitimate vendor speaks out... Read the article to get fussy. " Hehe-I had no idea I was working for the Catholic Church. Does that mean I can't get married after all?

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Ask Slashdot: Banner Ads in "Free" Software?
News Posted by Cliff on Monday April 26, @10:02PM EDT
from the smells-like-SPAM-looks-like-SPAM dept.
Yet ANOTHER Anonymous Coward writes in with this question, that I'm SURE will generate a lot of discussion:   "Rumor has it that a major software development house is considering embedding banner ads within their software and then giving the software away for free. The idea is to apparently generate revenue on the ads. Could this be the way of the future for software companies (considering that software prices are falling and companies are looking for other ways to make money)? What do slashdot-goers think of this idea? Is this SPAM or will people be ok with this sort of advertising? Feedback is appreciated." What do you all think?

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Assorted Slashdot Updates
Slashdot.org Posted by CmdrTaco on Monday April 26, @07:30PM EDT
from the ever-have-one-of-those-day? dept.
As you probably noticed, the Server really bogged down today. The reason is quite simple: Katz's story, with about 500 comments weighed in at about a meg. 70 httpd's trying to serve a one meg file (which takes 2-3 minutes for most of you to download) perhaps a dozen times a second. Do the math *grin*. So I have a server level setting that will enforce Comment Limits when we get bogged. This will annoy the heck out of some how you, but it vastly speeds up page loads. After that mess, I'm glad to have some good news: I brought the 2500 stories online that I yanked awhile back when we were getting overloaded (mostly stories from late 97 early 98) so you can search for them again. More random musings are attached below.

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SGI Linux Servers Coming
Silicon Graphics Posted by Justin on Monday April 26, @05:01PM EDT
from the soon! dept.
Found in the files of LinuxToday: Computer Reseller News has an article about SGI being in talks with Linux vendors, hoping to reach an agreement with one, presumably so they can ship it on their upcoming server line. The new servers will be for the telco and ISP markets. As was previously suspected, the company says it will "contribute components" of its technology to the open source community, including OpenGL. Maybe XFS will be in there, too. I've heard it's quite nice...

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The Open Source model in a legal setting
Department of Justice Posted by CmdrTaco on Monday April 26, @04:29PM EDT
from the baby-steps dept.
Dmitri Evseev writes "Wired has an article called Open Source in Open Court, describing an effort by Lawrence Lessig, former Special Master in the DOJ suit against Microsoft, to apply an Open Source-type model to crafting legal arguments. The idea is to open a side's legal strategy for public input and participation in order to present a better argument in court. More information on this project is available on here "

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Erik has written an interesting feature on The Personalities Behind Linux that you might be interested in.

Or you may want to read my Review of Wing Commander if you want to hear me complain about another terrible sci fi flick.

And how about an bit by Jon Katz on Sex Bots- how they're coming, how they're going to change things, and who is going to care.

Or else check the Past Features Index.
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