Q.  What is "The Laundry Solutions SuperGlobe"?

A. The SuperGlobe contains concentrated iE TM Crystals in a liquid solution in the top sealed portion.  The purpose is to introduce iE Crystal structures into the wash water.  The bottom vented portions contains proprietary activation beads with copper and other known antibacterial agents.  the purpose is to allow the direct communication of these agents with the wash water.  These activation beads are used to enhance the creation of iE Crystals.  The SuperGlobe is designed and intended to be used in conjunction with the SuperGlobe Booster for the best laundering results.

Q.  What is SuperGlobe Booster?

A.  SuperGlobe TM Booster is a highly concentrated liquid with its own built in fabric softener.  SuperGlobe Booster is designed to quickly remove ground-in dirt and stains when used as part of the TradeNet SuperGlobe Cleaning System.

Q.  "What is the life of "The Laundry Solution"?

A.  Approximately 3000 washes.  Determine how many wash loads your family consumes per month, then divide 3000 by that number.  The resultant number is how many months the product lasts.  Example; 20 washes per month divided into 3000 equals 150 months of use!  This means the product will last for 12+years.  Just drop the globe into your washer and leave it there.  Never try to open the globe.  No more mixing or measuring.  You will be amazed by the results.

Q.  How can you prove that "The Laundry Solution" actually works?

A.  Proof is in the pudding!  You will see results.  Our duration tests are indicating that the product improves over time and our duration tests are still running.  Keep in mind that it takes about six washes to remove all of the soap residues from your washer.  If the residues stay around that long just think how these chemicals effect your skin.  There is no better product on the market that cleans without tearing down the fibers of your clothes.  If you are using detergents in your laundry there will always be a residue!  With "The Laundry Solution" nothing remains but clean bright fabrics.

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