Cat climber



(1) 4x8 sheet, in. plywood.

(5) 4x4 posts. One each of 18", 30", 48", 60", 72".

(1) 1 lb. box, 3" deck screws.

(?) Carpet and rope to cover wood.

Getting started:

Mark and cut the plywood as shown above.

Next, mark the 72" 4x4 at 18", 30", 48", & 60". Each mark should be on a different side of the post so you get a spiral staircase effect. Cut a notch 1" deep, " wide at each mark. These are the notches for each shelf of the climber. You MUST cut the notches ABOVE the marked lines.

Moving along:

Carpet the baseboard. A heavy duty stapler with 1/2" staples works well for attaching the carpet to the underside of the base. Fasten the posts as shown above with 3" deck screws. The center post is the 72" post. The screws will come up through the bottom of the base in to the posts. Pre-drill a hole in the bottom of each post at the center point. Also, drill a hole through the base at the center points of where the posts will be fastened. This will make it very easy to get the posts in the proper positions. Be sure to use several screws ( 5 ) to secure each post to the base.


NOTE: Be sure the notches in the 72" post match the correct position of the shorter posts. You may carpet the posts before attaching them to the base. If you do, be sure to cut out the carpet over the notches in the 72" center post and staple the loose edges. Rope can be wrapped around 1 or more of the posts instead of carpet.


Next, insert each shelf into a notch of the 72" post so that it rests atop each corresponding shorter post. Fasten each shelf to the shorter posts with several 3" deck screws. Also, fasten the shelves to the center post. Fasten the top shelf to the 72" post with several 3" deck screws. Carpet the shelves.


Approximate dimensions when assembled, 4’x4’x74".

Approximate weight, ?? Very heavy!

I have a picture of the climber I built. Use your browsers BACK button to return here.