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This utility lets you effectively manage your site's outside links.
By Jim Lynch, PC Magazine First Looks
November 30, 1998

Nearly every Web site has a page dedicated solely to outside links. Back in the early days of the Web, it used to be fun to add such links to a site. Now, with site builders having less time to devote to such mundane tasks, it can be annoying to manage and maintain such a page. JumpList, a new free Web service from i/us Corp., makes managing your site's outside links easy and hassle-free. All you need to use JumpList for your site is a Web browser and the ability to add standard Web links. It's not necessary to have scripting or other technical skills. JumpList works with free Web site-hosting services such as Homestead, as well as with regular ISPs.

(Click to view screenshot.)

JumpList links can include sounds, images, and download files (ZIP, EXE, and so on) just as well as any Web link can. JumpList also offers categorization capabilities, which can prove useful to anyone trying to manage a list of software or multimedia links. For example, you can easily set up links to certain file types in separate categories to make them easier for visitors to find.

(Click to view screenshot.)

JumpList can also manage link submissions by your site's visitors. You can let visitors add links to your JumpList without your screening the links, or you can opt to screen the links before making them live (as with a guest book).

We set up our own JumpList on a Homestead-sponsored Web site. It was a snap to set up our JumpList just by following the menus. We were able to create categories first and then add links. We found that setting up our categories was easy, and this method made it much simpler to build a coherent list of links for our site's visitors.

Once we had our categories set up, we began to fill in our list of links. We were able to include up to 255 characters of text to describe each link. We were also able to choose among several options for how we wanted our links displayed.

For example, we selected one link and opted to make it the "Top": It would always appear at the top of its category or subcategory. We were also able to decide whether we wanted certain links to be "Hot." A link designated as "Hot" has a hot icon displayed next to it. We found this to be a useful touch and a great way to draw a visitor's attention to a particular link.

We found JumpList easy to use and configure. If your site is groaning under the weight of an ever-expanding links page, be sure to check JumpList out. It might be just the thing you need to bring your links back under control.

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