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related by Joe Cochrane CAMBODIA DALY (November 21, 1996)

Like many of Cambodia's political parties, the Khmer Neutral Party disappeared from sight afther an unimpressive showing in the 1993 UN-sponsored election. One party official blamed the apparence of inactivity afther the election on lack of money, but said the the party still boasted thousands of card-carrying menbers."We didn't quit," Khmer Neutral Party vice president Sok Dyvathann said."We keep sign signs up. We still have our member everywhere. We didn't make much activity because of financial problems, but we encourraged our members to make businesses in the country."

In the 1993 election, Funcinpec,CPP,BLDP,Molinaka were the only parties to win seats in the National Assembly. The Libéral Democratic party won about 1,5 percent of the vote, and 15 others, including the Khmer Neutral Party won 1,3 percent. On Monday, the three-year-old Khmer Neutral Party officialy reemerged onto Cambodia political scene, as quietly as it had left. With little fanfare, party members opened an office in Kompong Chhnang- the Khmer Neutral Party first ever provincial headquarters. The party is considering opening another office in Kandal.

For the Khmer Neutral Party which claims to have 20000 members the campaign have begun.

"We'd like to be even more active from January 1997 on."

Sok Dyvathann said, and he is busy organizing the party structure and recruiting members.

"I Think we will have some in the next election" he said "We stangle for democraty. to set up a state of law in Cambodia. Respect of human rights"


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