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Win a G3 system and other door prizes at WWDC!

Tuesday, April 27th updated 7:35 pm EDT

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The MacNN Review has posted a review of Sam's Teach Yourself the iMac in 24 Hours, a great book for the novice or intermediate iMac user. Today's Product of the Day is CatFinder, a useful disk cataloging utility.

We've added two more letters to our ongoing Avid/DigiDesign Development coverage--one of which talks about the role of Digital Video (DV) in high-production and another talks about the evolution of DigiDesign's audio tools. (One source inside Apple reminds us that Final Cut Pro handles both DV and high-quality analog video.) We also have an interview with Paul Henderson which says that company will "indefinitely" support Media Composer XL base and talks about Avid's attraction to the "consumer market."

Apple will be broadcasting Steve Jobs's WWDC keynote on May 10, 1999 at various satellite downlink events at Apple Market Centers or other participating locations across the US; the live keynote at 11:30 am Eastern time also will be available via satellite (fill out form for coordinates).

StarNine announced a public beta version of its new WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0PB1, which sports a "dramatically" faster Web server, adds a new SMTP/POP/IMAP email server with LDAP and remote Web-based email access capabilities, incorporates Lasso-based FileMaker Pro and ODBC database components, adds integrated SSLv2/SSLv3, IP addresses and encryption options, and other improvements to the core WebSTAR servers and plug-ins. The final version is scheduled to ship in June for $600 (upgrades from 3.x are $200). One reader commented on the database publishing capabilities:

"WebSTAR 4.0 will not completely replace the functions of Lasso 3.x. It just has a built-in type of database publishing that is not typically as customizable as those built into Lasso 3."

EpsonShare 1.2, the shareware utility allows you to share a Epson Stylus printers between several Macs without an additional network adapter, offers compatibility with Mac OS 8.6 and has other bug fixes.

Goldman Sachs has upgraded its rating on Apple to "Recommended List," the highest possible rating--likely explaining some of the recent heavy trading volume, which has AAPL stock up to $44 per share.

Aladdin has released a StuffIt Deluxe 5.1 updater, which moves 5.0, 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 up to version 5.1. This version includes "significant" speed enhancements on PPC, and better support for archives created on non-English systems.

evening edition

Symantec has posted May updates to its virus definitions for NAV and SAM.

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers announced its QuickTime Developer Series, books designed to provide "most authoritative tutorial and reference materials available concerning the latest release of QuickTime." Developed in close association with Apple, each work will be specifically reviewed and approved by the QuickTime team at Apple, according to company

  • Discovering QuickTime: An Introduction for Windows and Macintosh Programmers, by George Towner (of Apple). May 1999. $40.
  • QuickTime for Java, by Tom Maremaa and Bill Stewart (both of Apple). July 1999.
  • QuickTime for Web and CD-ROM, by Steven Gulie (of Apple). October 1999.
  • QuickTime Audio Architecture (author to be announced). February 2000 (likely)

Cambridge Software has posted trial beta versions of ChemOffice 5.0, a suite of products which includes software for drawing, modeling, and chemical database information. (Chem3D, ChemOffice Std 5.0, and ChemOffice 5.0 are all available in save- and print-disabled versions.)

The annual Kentucky Derby Festival activity, "The Run for the Rosé," a foot race where the competitors run a set course while carrying a glass of rose wine on a tray, was run by a custom Mac solution developed for PowerBook G3s.

Bogen Communications introduced a new line of IP-based Multi-Media Controllers, which allow educators to schedule, view and control educational media resources located in their school's media center. The product line consists of hardware and software, running on either Windows or Macintosh workstations and Unix servers. Shipments are expected to begin this summer.

Sig Software has released NameCleaner 1.9.5, an utility for manipulating file names and types designed to help move files to and from foreign file systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows95, Windows NT, NetWare and Unix. Version 1.9.5 adds "dozens" of mappings between PC Extensions and Mac file types, bringing the total to over 100. A version for administrators with automatic scheduling is also now available.

Thomas Tempelmann's freeware Desktop DB Diver 1.02, an update to the utility allows you to browse a volume's Desktop DB file, now eliminates the thirty-day demo restriction.

FontLab 3.0 is an advanced font editor for creating professional-quality Type 1, TrueType and Multiple Master fonts using a single cross-platform solution. A trial version works for 3 days. The $400 software ships with a 60-day money-back solution


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afternoon edition (final)

Extensis today announced that Portfolio Server 4.0 will ship with PortWeb, a Web server plug-in tool that automates publishing of digital multimedia files over the Internet. PortWeb allows you to can customize the way Portfolio "digital assets" are viewed on the Web with HTML. The plug-in works with AppleShare IP 6 and StarNine's WebSTAR 2.0. English versions of Portfolio Server 4.0 with PortWeb and five free Portfolio clients are available for an estimated street price of $2,500. French, German and Japanese versions of Portfolio Server 4.0 are now available as well.

RealBasic 2.01, an update to its object-oriented BASIC language environment, can now read and write single bytes to memory blocks, automatically closes databases on Quit, and allows you to make Macintosh and Windows toolbox calls directly in your REALbasic code. [see our RealBasic Development page]

Network Solutions' domain name database experienced problems over the weekend which caused some InterNIC handles to vanish, making it impossible for owners to make changes to their domain records in some case. Meanwhile, five competitors to Network Solutions are officially licensed to begin registering domains as of Monday, though they must continue to use current database for the time being.

The 17-year-old Canadian student that registered "" has turned over the domain to Apple after a year-long legal dispute. The domain was registered for commercial use, and when Apple asked for ownership to be transferred, the student asked for a donation of 30 iMacs to a local school; however, the exact details of the final settlement were not disclosed.

Sun is touting a product called "i-Planet", which bears a striking resemblance to a Network Computer -- an initiative which Sun admits failed due to a lack of software. However, i-Planet works with existing software, and runs off of server software hosted by Sun's Solaris operating system.

MacTech Magazine has posted "Macintosh C" and "Macintosh Pascal" -- two complete online books to aid people in learning to program in each language on the Mac. The books are available for download in Word 98 and PDF formats. Macintosh C is available in HTML as well.

Intel yesterday showed "Intel 810" chipset, which integrates the data bus with 2D/3D graphics and software-drive audio, all on the same chip--making it easier for hardware companies to make smaller, cheaper machines that could cost up to 20% less when they surface in June. An article on a similar announcement by ATI talks about Shared Memory Architecture, which uses some of the computer's main memory for graphics to save costs.

Intel also announced a 466MHz version of the Celeron chip, which will be available in new systems immediately--which, however, are limited to a 66mHz bus. The new chip is only available in the plastic pin grid array (PPGA), which is cheaper, though incompatible, with the "slot" architecture.

morning edition (final

IncWell has released its new developer's beta of the SuperCard WEB plug-in for Windows 95/98 & NT, which allows SuperCard developers to publish multimedia projects for both Mac and Wintel platforms through Netscape or Microsoft browsers. (An updated version of the SuperCard WEB plug in for the Mac, based on the SuperCard 3.6 release, will be released in late spring.)

As anticipated last week, Power On Software formally announced that it acquired Symantec security utility, "DiskLock" for Macintosh utility for file locking and encryption, which will complement its existing desktop security "On Guard." Disklock will be available for an estimated $90, while upgrades to the new version, DiskLock 4.5, will be $50.

DigiDesign DAE and DigiSystem INIT 3.4.2 is for Pro Tools 4.3.1 users and those using DigiDesign hardware with 3rd-party apps on blue G3s.

Ilkka Koski posted frame-rate tests in Quake 3 Test running on a blue G3 Power Mac (350MHz, ATI Rage128, Apple OpenGL 1.0b1). One reader reports being able to use Q3Test on his Rage II-based machine although the video quality was almost unusable.

Following up on yesterday's note about using two computers for capturing/encoding and live-streaming of QuickTime files, one reader notes that ICE'd Sorenson Broadcaster may provide an alternative to the dual-server setup:

"Instead of buying a second computer, you'll get even better throughput using one computer and ICE'd Sorenson Broadcaster, which uses eight Trimedia chips for parallel computation to take care of the processor intensive Sorenson compression, and fits on a single PCI board in your Mac. The ICE solution does the compression down at the board, avoiding time costly transfers over PCI. In addition to speeding up compression, the enhanced throughput means you can use larger images, like 320 x 240 at up to 10 frames per second. The ICE'd Sorenson compression will also work with Terran Corp.'s Media Cleaner Pro and will include ICE'd versions of Terran's specialize filters. "

Only Apple OEM SCSI and Ethernet cards are officially supported with Mac OS X Server, although others have had other models run reliably. Another TIL describes a "nonvolatile" solution for accessing more resolutions if users are only presented with 640x480 on startup when using Mac OS X Server.

Apple describes How To Work Without Rendering in Final Cut Pro: "Sequences consisting of cuts only do not require rendering for playback as long as sequence size and frame rate match the original source material."

e-NoteBooks yesterday released its new $400 software, Mathematica Link for LabVIEW, which provides a dynamical link between Mathematica and LabVIEW programs and makes it possible to call Mathematica functions within the diagram of LabVIEW VIs and can also be used by running LabVIEW applications from within Mathematica notebooks.

early morning edition (final)

Ron Hipschman says that the SETI@home program noted yesterday has put out a call for Mac beta testers to test the latest client:

"I'm testing the client right now. It's VERY stable and has never, in my experience, been responsible for a crash of my machine. It's really great to know that my computer is engaged in doing real scientific research when I'm not using it! It's also a beautiful screen saver.

"There are thousands of potential Windows beta testers already signed up, but less than 100 Mac testers. Let's show the world that the Mac folks can make a real difference like we did with the RC5 challenge!"

Q3Finder 1.0 is a free, unsupported version of the utility for finding Q3Arena network games.

The LinkedResources AppleScript Factory has posted "FinderFriend," an open-source script which allows the user to quit or start the Finder on networked Macs, remotely reboot, and view active processes, visible and background.

MacWaveOut 1.4b9 is an "AppleScript designed to enhance Ircle. It provides powerful sound synchronization and management functions, as well as things like custom CTCP replies, powerful input line aliasing, and many other handy functions."



iMate 1.01 driver
MesaQuake 3.1b5
text2graphic v1.02
FM Pro Web 4.0v3
MacAMP Lite 1.5.2
Battery Checker v1.1
G3Strip v1.9
G3 Firmware 1.0.2
YA-NewsWatcher 4.2.3
SilverFast 4.2r2
Office98/FM Pro 1.0
FedEx Ship 2.4
StuffIt SDK 5.1.2
Mac INIT Strings 2.5
Consultant 2.5.7
SimpleImage 2.1
ColorSync ICC FA 2.6
EIMS 2.2.2
WebTen 3.0
Mac OS X Server 1.0-1
QTTS 1.0 update
EIMS 2.2.2
SimpleEnvelope 1.3
Mozilla M4
FireWorks 2.02
Virtual PC 2.1.3
GoMac 2.01
Adobe Acrobat 4.0
MacLinkPlus 10.1
Office GUID patch
Acrobat 4.0 reader
Apple Scanner 4.3
April 1 Virex defn
ColorSync 2.6.1

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