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1999 Statement: "Thanks to the support of our fellow colleagues in the anime business and the thousands of fans who frequent the AON, we've gone beyond the web norm of repetitious fan presence and set a new standard of fandom web expression..."

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A Word From The Maintainer: Dexter Helix

Hey anime fans! Well it's official! Elaine Barlow has passed on upkeep of The AnimeOnline network to myself at Katarina Voight. From now on, we'll be running things and trying to keep everything up to date. If you have any questions or would like to contact us you can email me at Please keep in mind that I have my hands full between The AON and trying to complete database upgrades to Animemail, but I will try to answer all mail in a timely fashion.

As you can see, Elaine has done one last graphical upgrade to the network (didn't she JUST redesign the entire network January 1st???) so we can implement a smoother interface. Thanks very much to Joe Herbert of Anime Shrine for helping me out with his suggestions. I appreciate it greatly! Makes my life ten times easier.

On a final note, some sections have been removed as per Elaine's request. We have also removed fanart from the main menu. We will be looking around for new artists to design within our new scheme shortly. Those of you who had artwork in The AON before can keep and eye out for further info on the new submission process or you can email me.

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