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GEC Archives logo The GEC Archives record the history of the General Electric Company. Artefacts and documents contained in these archives trace the development of GEC from its earliest known roots in the 17th century, its formation in 1886, through to today. Its development, its artefacts, its war years, its publications and its social and technological activities are recorded.

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This innocent-looking machine was used ‘to improve a patient's health’ using electricity. The patient held the electrodes, or placed them across the painful area (the assortment of attachments even afforded relief for the eye muscles!). An electrical voltage was then generated by turning the handle and a current was passed through the patient's body via electrodes.
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Marconi Centenary 1897-1997

Book of correspondence and press cuttings from
Hugo Hirst ,‘ The Father of GEC’, who died in 1943.
Book of letters written by Hugo Hirst and GEC Logo 1888 - 1912
GEC Logo 1888 - 1912

From the GEC Archives Collection
Magneto-Electric Machine for Nervous and
other Diseases c. 1891
Magneto-Electric Machine for Nervous and other Diseases

Our staff can undertake historical searches for private, academic and commercial enquirers with the help of our database. Please contact us if you know of good examples of GEC's history, and of documents to aid research.
The GEC Archives are located at GEC-Marconi Research Centre, in Great Baddow near Chelmsford.

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