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Thursday, April 22, 1999

Technology News from Wired News - Another Privacy Hole in IE 5.0?. When users bookmark a Web page with Internet Explorer 5.0, a new feature in the software notifies the site. Consumer advocates say software makers need to get a grip on the privacy implications of their code

MSNBC - Does libel law apply on the Web?. Call it a sign of the times on the Information Superhighway. A defamation lawsuit pitting a California Highway Patrol officer against a computer-savvy woman in a yellow Corvette is turning heads all across the nation. The case is quirky, it's sexy, it's downright strange. But as far as law and the Internet are concerned, it is by no means unique.

USA-Today - Senators: Net privacy regulations likely. Companies doing business on the Internet are coming up with creative ways to protect the privacy of their customers, but some sort of federal regulation appears inevitable, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Wednesday.

Lawmakers have introduced more than 50 bills so far to protect Internet surfers from such things as having personal information passed from company to company, committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said. The industry should do its best to regulate itself if it wants to head off restrictive legislation, he said.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Political News from Wired News - Report: Feds Need Privacy Lesson. As the US government places pressure on Internet companies to be upfront about personal data collection, a new report suggests Uncle Sam should get his house in order first.

Political News from Wired News - Canada Aligns with EU on Privacy. While the United States resists the European Data Privacy Directive, Canada declares its support for the law aimed at giving consumers more control over their personal information.

Political News from Wired News - US, EU Still Stuck on Privacy. The latest draft of a US plan to sidestep Europe's data privacy rules reveals the two approaches are still an ocean apart.

MacWEEK: Digital means less is more.

Monday, April 19, 1999

Beyond 56K Modems: Cable and DSL.

Online @ NAB99. Tune in to the webcasts and hear the State of the Industry now, and where we are headed in the future.

Hot news from our knock-out weekend sessions and workshops will be available this afternoon.

National Post(Canada) Online -Quebec plans ID database of all citizens. The Quebec government is planning to create a central computer file on all its citizens, an identification database that would include names, photographs, and basic identifying information for every Quebecer.

Sunday, April 18, 1999

ZDNN Special Report - LinuxWorld '99. March 1-5, 1999 San Jose, Ca

PC Week Online SPECIAL REPORT - Spring Internet World 99.

ZDNN Special Report - Internet World '99 Audio.

PC Week - Congressman questions FBI on Melissa arrest. Ongoing tensions between civil liberties and the interests of law enforcement again roiled Capitol Hill this week, leading one member of Congress to question openly the FBI's recent pursuit of David Smith, the alleged creator of the Melissa computer virus.

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Get a Cable Modem....Go to Jail.

The International PGP Home Page - PGP 6.0.2i available. The PGP 6 source code books have now been completely scanned and proof-read, and we have created an international version: PGP 6.0.2i. At the moment, there is no Unix version of PGP 6.x, so you'll have to use 5.x instead.

Federal Computer Week Government Technology Group - Hackers can turn network cameras, microphones on you. Do you have a microphone or video camera connected to your computer or network? If you value your privacy, turn those devices off, a top Army computer protection official warned today.

Philip Loranger, chief of the Command and Control Protect Division in the Army's Information Assurance Office, demonstrated how anyone can attack a network and turn on any camera or microphones connected to that network with what he called "not very sophisticated hacker tools'' downloaded from the Internet.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

MacWEEK - Programmer fortifies Netscape apps. Sydney, Australia -- Programmer Farrell McKay has added Mac OS to the long list of platforms that are supported by Fortify, his security patch for the international versions of Netscape Navigator and Communicator.

The versions of Communicator and Navigator that Netscape makes available to those users who live outside the United States or Canada support 40-bit encryption only. The company can provide 128-bit encryption domestically but cannot export it (by making available for unrestricted download) because the U.S. government considers it a military technology. Fortify patches versions that have been hobbled for export so they support 128-bit encryption.

MacInTouch - Digital Flat-panel Displays Report. There hasn't been a lot of fanfare - not even a press release, as far as I can discover - but the Mac just passed a technological milestone: For the first time, owners of desktop Macs can take advantage of digital LCD flat-panel monitors, the latest advance in display technology. The product that makes this advance possible is the Xclaim 3D Plus, a new PCI card from ATI Technologies.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Privacy Advocate Vows To Dog Snoopers. Snoopers take note: Simon Davies is snooping back.

Over the next few months, Davies' Privacy International will start "outing" officials of governments and large corporations who deal cavalierly with others' privacy.

Rather than give these men and women the rights and respect that he insists should otherwise be theirs, Davies promised to publish an array of personal information available about them - whether through marketing lists from brokers, parts of credit reports available to anyone who asks or CD-ROMs of driver's license data. Davies said the information free-for-all will show the public one thing: Records about them aren't simply kept, but are shared widely and without regard to their final use.

Box To Boost Cable-Phone Efforts. Cable operators looking at telephone service as an added revenue stream can expect a boost this week with cable equipment manufacturer 8x8's anticipated announcement of the first voice-over-Internet Protocol customer premise gateway box for cable systems.


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