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New York, New York

Chronicle Information

Todd Sabretooth - Head Storyteller, A. Todd Hoyt - Events Coordinator, John Bardy - Plot & Rules
Every other month at Mother nightclub on 14th St. and Washington NYC (must be 18 or over)
More Info:  718.387.8956

Kindred Outlook

New York has been in a standstill.  With Prince Ocus taking over the city in
1990 from after his beloved sire Michaela’s disappearance he consistently
maintains a truce with the Sabbat Archbishop Polona, which he constantly is
trying to thwart.

Area Info

The city that never sleeps is by many considered the most important city in the world.  The home to Wall Street, SoHo and Broadway has been experiencing a drop in crime and rise in tourism.  In part due to the actions of their popular mayor.

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