Gone, but not forgotten.

At last. It is proved. We are now respectable. The roach is proud. 3-Star heaven!

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StArZ in their eyes...
This person... This person is... Oh, just read...
From: ulf.borjel
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 18:14:10 -0800
To: matt@redcat.org.uk
Subject: Ur Skwashed Bawg Site

Love ur site. It makes me cry of happines. 
Personally, I mostly use a cheese slicer to kill them little basterds.
Or sometimes my shoe, held in my hand. 
I sometimes also pour liquid soap in bee holes.
thank yoo.
Thank you Ulf. I think I love you.
Last nights star guest.... -CLICK- (and you do have to see this...)

SBZ hosted by Me, with Over 25,000 visitors!

The latest, new and improved biological splatter!

You too could have your bug here! Send it to me and I'll put it up! This little lovely was supplied by Morten Tange Jensen
N.b: Please state that you do not want to be named here when supplying bugs if you dont.

Some kind of roach-thing that the Mystery Roach found lurking in his house. He was quoted as saying " These things usually live in my wood pile and sometimes hitch a ride inside when I bring in logs for my stove. Little bastards." - Whatta Geezer!

A large, black beetle that wound up squashed on the steps of the Olsson building. Tentatively identified as a scarab in the genus Osmoderma by Kyle Beucke.

A blood-engorged tick that apa7u@Virginia.EDU found in his ear. He achieved the uniqued flatted look by smashing it with a ball-peen hammer.

Darwin in action. A moth that checked itself out on a lightbulb.

A housefly. What's left of it, anyhow.

A New member of the squashed bug family! And isn't she just SoOOo cute, reclining on the scanner like that? Well, no, not really. SQUISH IT!

A small indistinguishable blood spot, tentatively guessed at being a fly. Or just a large collection of bleeding newsprint. Now in glorious TechniColour! This one has an interesting story. Try printing it out on a colour inkjet then hanging it on a wall. Instant splatter...

Small Indistinguishable Blood Spot II
The Revenge!
Still in technicolour and NOW with added phosphate power! Who will catch the deadly assassin bug?!

New! Small vertebrate section!
It's not really a bug, but how could we leave out a beauty like this?
Here is a little (2") critter I found stuck on the outside of a shipping box from Fujitsu in Japan. It was on the inside of a skid, so he probably met his fate in some shipping yard there. enjoy! shaikha

"if a rat goes as BUG then i have the ULTIMATE BUG - BBF (Big Barbados Frog) In my hollidays on Barbados this year, i found this totally smashed frog lying at the road, hitten by a car i think."

A mouse. I couldn't do any better than the description that came with it.

A mouse. I couldn't do any better than the description that came with it.

A rat. Well, part of a rat. Well, most of a part of a rat. Anyway, There I was, thinking that perhaps, just maybe, I might be a bit odd. Then, I saw this. Nice to know you're sane isn't it?

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