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March 17, 1998

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Appian Graphics Raises Industry Standard For Multi-Monitor Display Cards

Jeronimo Pro Now The Fastest Dual Output, Single Slot Solution In Its Class

Hannover -- Appian Graphics and its European office, Appian Europe, will jointly unveil the new high performance 2D/3D Jeronimo Pro multi-monitor card at CeBIT, March 19 – 25. The Jeronimo Pro is twenty-five to forty percent faster than other dual monitor cards in its class, according to independent benchmark tests. Appian Graphics is the leading supplier of multiple monitor display cards

Jeronimo Pro is ideal for computer aided design (CAD) users, multimedia developers and financial traders whose business requires them to work on two or more monitors at the same time. Jeronimo Pro provides four key benefits:

    • Users can increase their level of productivity by expanding their desktop across many monitors from one computer.
    • Only one PCI slot is used, leaving others open to run additional expansion cards.
    • Jeronimo Pro is bundled with HydraVisionÔ , Appian’s unique display management software that allows users to get the most out of their multi-monitor configuration.
    • Jeronimo Pro redraws screens quickly and reduces rendering time with high performance 2D and 3D acceleration.

"Working on multiple monitors is a huge asset, but it’s not enough to just stretch your desktop across two or more monitors," said Scott Lathe, Appian’s vice president of sales and marketing. "Speed and the ability to save valuable slot space is crucial. Computers and computer speed have evolved so quickly that we have to stay ahead of the game if multiple monitors are to be useful. The Jeronimo Pro provides top speed, the need for only one PCI slot, and our HydraVision software which make this product the best on the market."

Unlike most multiple monitor solutions, which require the use of two slots, Appian Graphics’ products and the Jeronimo Pro require the use of only one PCI slot, leaving other slots open and available for running other cards. Multiple monitor solutions provide computer users a way to increase display space without incurring the high costs and desktop crowding of larger single monitors. In short, the Jeronimo Pro extends the desktop across multiple screens to create a more efficient and less chaotic workplace. Available with 4, 8 or 16 MB of SGRAM, Jeronimo Pro provides the highest possible resolution and color depth available for multiple monitors.

Jeronimo Pro is powered by two Permedia 2 chips from 3DlabsÒ and on-board Synchronous Graphics RAM (SGRAM). It supports WindowsÒ 95, Windows NTÒ , OpenGLÒ and DirectXÒ . Jeronimo Pro also allows users to create and manipulate detailed 2D/3D graphic images. Additionally, Jeronimo Pro stands apart from the competition with the support of Appian’s HydraVision software.

HydraVision Software Provides Quick and Easy Display Management

Jeronimo Pro is bundled with Appian’s HydraVision display management software. HydraVision offers award-winning desktop management that enables users to make the best use of their computer desktop and multiple monitors. With HydraVision, it is possible to spread your desktop across either one or multiple monitors where a variety of applications can be opened and manipulated on each of several screens.

HydraVision’s familiar control panel interface makes it easy to use. Features such as automatic dialog positioning, automatic window sizing and multi-monitor SnapApp hotkeys provide instant desktop control.

Additionally, users can seamlessly switch between applications or windows that require different resolution settings in order to maximize the amount of information available on each screen. For example, designers can take full advantage of this feature by setting one screen at high resolution for design drawing and another, smaller monitor, at a lower resolution for frequently accessed software tools.

Hardware Performance

The Jeronimo Pro is capable of 1600 x 1200 resolution at 16 bit and 1280 x 1024 at true color, with a refresh rate of 85Hz. The Jeronimo Pro is PCI 2.1 compliant and Display Data Channel (DDC2B) gives users plug-and-play monitor connection and the ability to change monitors without reconfiguration.

Pricing and Availability

The Jeronimo Pro including HydraVision software is available in the following configurations:

  • $640 – 2 MB of SGRAM per channel (4 MB total)
  • $790 – 4 MB of SGRAM per channel (8 MB total)
  • $990 – 8 MB of SGRAM per channel (16 MB total)

Appian Graphics sales can be reached at (800) 727-7426 or +1 (425) 882-2020. Appian is also on the World Wide Web at www.appiangraphics.com or reached by e-mail at info@appiangraphics.com. Appian Europe can be reached in Copenhagen at +45 39 16 39 16. Appian Graphics’ multi-monitor cards are also available as part of Dell Computer Corporation’s (NASDAQ: DELL) WorkStation product line.

Redmond, Washington based Appian Graphics designs, manufactures and markets high-performance multiple-monitor display cards for information-intensive markets such as computer aided design (CAD) and financial trading.


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