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Allah (SWT), out of His Grace and Marcy, has made Islam a way of life that can be practised in every period of time, in every place, and every situation. In an age when evil is not only tolerated but promoted, and in a place where the degeneration of society is bringing the concept of morals to a halt at an alarming pace, humanity's lack and need for true guidance becomes ever-apparent. Day by day it becomes more and more obvious that the one way that will bring the entire mankind solace, comfort, and implemented. However, before this way-the way of Islam-can be introduced to humanity at large, appropriate measures must be taken to awaken the flag-bearers of the Truth-the Muslims. They must be reminded of their responsibility to bring Islam into their lives, and keep it alive through the coming generation. Otherwise, social and moral deterioration may remove any hope of a prosperous society. An important and key element in this awakening process is the establishment of institution of higher Islamic learning. In these institution , youth, who are the base of our future, can learn the true and practical essence of Islam. This training will take place in an environment conducive to both the learning and practising of the highest morals and conduct known to man-Quran and Sunnah. Those individuals who will learn in such an atmosphere will , Insha-Allah be instrumental in the establishment, propagation and protection of Islam in present and future generations.


Jaamiah-Al-Uloom-Al-Islamiyyah, Ajax, officially opened in the summer of 1992 . With fairly limited facilities, the Jaamiah at first admitted 9 students who were to board in a double-family house. Classes were held in a transformed garage, which also served as the Ajax local mosque. Over the years, grueling efforts were made on part of the management, teachers, ans students to establish the new school, and Allah (SWT) left no effort unrewarded.

The Jaamiah was built and establised on the invaluable prayers and advices of our elders, especially our late mentor and Shaikh, Hazrat Maulana Inam-ul-Hasan Sahib (the late Hazrat Jee ) . He was the successor of Hazrat Maulana Ilyas (RA ) as ameer of the world in the work of da'wah and tabligh. The Shaikh is no longer with us ( may Allah enlighten his grave ). However, we hope that the prayers he made for the Jaamiah will remain with the school until the Day of Judgment. It is through the blessing of such auspicious personalities that fifteen students have completed the memorization of the entire Holy Quran in the short span of three years. Also, the Jaamiah has expanded to meet the urgent and growing need to facilitate more students. Again, by the Mercy of Allah, a new building has been constructed on the same 15-acre property to accommodate a capacity of 125 student. The three-storey structure is designed to provide all the required amenities including classrooms, boarding rooms, a mosque, and ample recreation area.


The Jaamiah has designed a program that consists of religious as well as academic education. This well-balanced curriculum will enchance the students' abilities to comprehend and apply a vast array of fields, helping them to develop to their full potential.

The Jaamiah's faculty of religious education offers two courses: Tahfeez-ul-Quran ( memorization of the Holy Quran ) and Ilm ( extensive Islamic studies ).

Tahfeez-ul-Quran: In this course, the student will memorize the entire Quran according to the rules and principles of Tajweed ( skill of proper Quranic recitation ). The duration of this course is 3 to 4 years. The student will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Ilm: An extensive study of the following subjects is done in this course:

* Urdu language ( grammar, reading , handwriting calligraphy )

* Arabic Sarf ( etymology ), Nahw ( Philology ), Adab ( linguistic studies )

* Logic and Philosophy

* Tajweed

* Fiqh (Islam law and jurisprudence )

* Seerat ( biography of Rasulullah[SAW] )

* Hadith ( Prophetic Traditions )

* Tafseer ( exegesis of the Holy Quran )

Upon successful completion of this six year course, the student will be given the degree of Aalim.

This faculty currently consists of a staff of five Ulama ( of which two are Muftis and two are Qaris ) and one Qari.

The Jaamiah's academic faculty provides a comprehensive education in accordance with the curriculum of the Ontario Ministry of Education. The faculty is managed by six qualified, talented, and devoted teachers, who teach well above the standard set by the Ministry. The core subjects offered are as follows:

* English

* History

* Math

* Geography

* Science

* Physical and Health Education

These courses are offered and taught from grades 2 to 12. High school students are offered the option of enrolling in correspondance courses with the Independent Learning Center, through the Jaamiah.


By Allah's ( SWT ) Grace and Mercy, the Jaamiah expanded in September, 1995, opening an exclusive school for girls to add to the existing institution. Jaamiah's girls' school is a day school situated in Toronto, providing full academic education from kindergarten to grade eight, along with Islamic studies, arts & crafts, and home economics. The school is also offering and teaching the Aalimah course, with a staff of two Aalimahs ( lady scholars )


The programs of studies are generally designed for boys 12 and over, with full facilities for boarding and lodging. Admission is given based on an interview with the student as well as an assessment of skills and suitability for the most appropriate program of study.

We pray to Allah (SWT ) that he accept our feeble efforts and grant us sincerity, using us to spread and establish his Deen. We also pray that he grant all the Muslims ease, comfort and prosperity in this life and in the Hereafter. Ameen.

The Jaamiah Shura,

2944 Audley Road, Ajax,

Ontario, Canada LIS 4S7

Tel: 905-686-4003

Fax: 905-686-4428

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