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Press for Change Campaigning for respect and equality for ALL trans people
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20th April 1999 edition

What's new * Site map
A victory so far ... but this is only the beginning
Cautious welcome for Home Office working group
Seven out of ten, must try harder: mixed feelings about the government's new legislation
The Sex Discrimination (Gender Reassignment) Regulations 1999
Transsexual people in the workplace: a code of practice
Police cannot bar transsexual recruit, rules employment tribunal -- PFC press release
The Press For Change Award for Equal Opportunities
Satisfaction with genital surgery: survey of post-operative trans people
Sex Police
Newsletter Number Twelve
GIRES funding of PFC educational programme
Coronation Street:
review and background
Site redesigned
Please link to PFC!
Corbett v. Corbett : full text of the critical 1970 judgment which cast UK trans people into legal limbo
Why birth certificates do matter
Hal & Bengie: a new cartoon series by Jay
1998: a review of the year
Health authority test case:
PFC welcomes court ruling
The A-Z of Trans Peoples' discrimination
Campaign issues -- completely revised and updated
"Joella can marry, but can't stay married" - PFC warns that new birth cert for intersex child isn't enough
The Devil's Dictionary of trans terminology
The campaigners - profiles of key activists
Transsexual mother goes public
The Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES)
Liberal Democrats - Policy now supports change in birth certs
trAnsGENDER AGENDA - Third International Congress on Sex and Gender ... including abstracts, list of speakers
Sheffield & Horsham: Court criticises UK Government
Sacked ... and abandoned by her union
Trans across America
Arson attack on trans woman
Nottingham Women's Centre admits transwomen
Birth certs : changes afoot, but what about trans people?
Blind Hatred ?
Dana International : press coverage of the Eurovision winner
Metropolitan Police guidelines
A Sex Difference in the Brain
Full text of that much-cited paper by Gooren et al. (external link)
Woman Plus
Is He our Sister? (external link)
The Full XYZ Judgment
The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
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About this Site

Press for Change is a political lobbying and educational organisation, which campaigns to achieve equal civil rights and liberties for all transgendered people in the United Kingdom, through legislation and social change.

Editor : Christine Burns,
Correspondence :

Why we're here [top]

This site is here to publicise the work of Press for Change, and to support all those who are interested in achieving basic human rights for a group of UK citizens who have done nothing more than to be different ... and to undergo a prescribed medical treatment.

A sea change in public understanding in recent years has meant that nowadays it's rarely necessary to explain to people that transsexuality is an internationally recognised condition, and not a form of sexual or political rebellion. Yet few people actually appreciate that over the last 30-40 years, more than 5,000 people in Britain have successfully transitioned between the genders ... for the simple reason that most of them have blended invisibly into ordinary society. More importantly though, only a very small number of people are really aware of the needless and damaging bureaucratic obstinacy that such people face during and after their transition, and the fact that this quiet and invisible group of people are among the most cruelly discriminated of all citizens in the United Kingdom.

Here you can learn about the problems which UK trans people continue to face, since a divorce case in 1970 branded us as non-people ... and our successes in reversing a state of law which can only be described as ignorant, fearful and spiteful. (For an introduction to the issues, start here).

What you'll find [top]

This site aims to be a newspaper, library and resource centre rolled into one. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a comprehensive collection of information about the trans rights campaign, and details about the legal, medical, political and social issues surrounding the people it represents. If you're a trans person, we aim to raise your consciousness. If you're a researcher or a journalist we want you to have everything you could possibly want to report us accurately and fairly. If you're a campaigner already, we want to provide you with the very best resources. And if you're not, we'd like to show you what an astonishing challenge we face.

Overall the site contains in excess of 500 articles and features, plus links to material from around the world. We try to update at least every fortnight, but when the news is happening in the UK we aim to cover it sooner than that ... but you'll always find the latest news in the archives of the UKPFC-NEWS mailing list, and discussion of events in the UKPFC-FORUM archives.

If you'd like a regular flow of campaign updates delivered directly to your mailbox, why not sign up to join these lists ?

We have the history and the goals. The arguments and the people. The good news and the bad. The patience and, one day soon perhaps, we'll also have the reward.

Site redesigned [top]

In January 1998, we redesigned this site as part of its move to a new commercial server ... and now, a year later, we've given it another complete overhaul. As well adding lots of new material which you'll find listed on our What's new page, the sheer size of the site forced us to rethink the way it was built, and how it was laid out.

In 1997, when there were less than 100 pages to maintain, the job could be done manually without too much difficulty. Now, with some 500 pages on-line already and more being added all the time, a new method was required ... so we've now developed a firm structure for all pages, which allows us to use custom software tools to generate and update them more quickly and more accurately. What that means for you is that the site now has a more consistent look, with lots of features added to aid navigation, such as a site map and a button on every page to take you straight to the index for that section. Every page is clearly labelled at the top so that you'll know which section of the site you're in ... and every page has a consistently-placed set of links to related material. Of course, we've retained the navigation bars at the top and bottom of every page, with links to all the major sections of the site. But as the site grows, you'll probably find the site map increasingly useful.

We tested this redesign extensively before launching it, on dozens of different browsers, so we're comfident that the pages should now display accurately on all the major browsers. But if we've slipped up, and you find that your browser doesn't display these pages properly, please email us to say so !

Support [top]

Press For Change is a campaigning organisation, not a support group. If you are concerned about your gender identity or would like to locate counsellors and support services in your area for yourself or a friend then The Gender Trust, a registered charity, can help : their web site carries details of the regional support organisation and affiliated groups around the UK and across the world. See also CHANGE, another UK-based support group.

Children and adolescent transgendered people may also want to look at Mermaids, a support group for young trans people and their families.

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