A Geologic Time Scale you can view or print

Copyright © 1983 GSA. Permission is hereby granted to make up to 10 copies in furtherance of science and/or education (specifically including classroom use) without additional permission or payment of royalty. High-quality, plastic-covered copies of this scale in notebook size are available in packages of 50 from GSA as item CTS001 Geologic Time Scale at $22.00 list; wallet-sized vinyl versions are sold in packages of 25 as CTS003 for $6.00 list. Visit the GSA Bookstore for complete information. Or, contact GSA at P.O. Box 9140, Boulder, CO 80301-9140 USA, phone Publication Sales at 800-472-1988, or 303-447-2020, or fax 303-447-1133. Note: If you print this, set the print options in your Web Browser to "landscape mode."

Here is a larger version of the time scale. It is more readable on screen, but it is a big file (210 kilobytes).
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