Height: 7'0"
Weight: 326 lbs.
Finishing Move: Tombstone Piledriver
Career Highlights: Former World Wrestling Federation Champion, 3 time Tag Team Champion (current - with X-Pac).

No superstar in history has made more of an immediate impact than Kane. On October 5, 1997, the world met Kane, as the seven-foot monster tore off the door to "Hell in the Cell" in order to get to his brother, the Undertaker.

It was believed that Kane perished in the raging inferno that claimed the lives of the siblings' parents. Miraculously he survived. From that time on, the only person who knew he was alive was the detestable Paul Bearer, who was later revealed to be his father!

In April, the siblings fought in the first-ever Inferno Match at Unforgiven! A rematch was held during an episode of RAW in February at which Kane's foot caught afire.

Less than one year after he arrived, Kane became the World Wrestling Federation Champion by defeating Stone Cold Steve Austin at the 1998 King of the Ring. Though his reign was short-lived, the seven-foot monster proved he could live up to all expectations.

Recently, fans have seen Kane taken as a virtual prisoner in Mr. McMahon's Corporation.   Mr. McMahon held the idea of being committed over the Big Red Machine's head.

Now, Kane walks free from both the Corporation and the mental institute.  There is no telling how much destruction Kane can wreak no that nobody is controlling him.

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