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The National Museum of Photography

Photographs from the Collection

The National Museum of Photography is a new institution, established by the Royal Library on 20 September 1996.
The museum is the realization of an idea conceived 16 years ago. But it has not been possible until now, in connection with the Royal Library's large addition on the harbour front, to create the required physical framework for the museum plans.
The new building, popularly known as the Black Diamond, was designed by the architectural firm Schmidt, Hammer og Lassen and will be finished in the autumn of 1998. The National Museum of Photography will have close to 420 square metres of exhibition space for special exhibits and displays from the permanent collection. The museum will also have a reading room and storage space together with the Department of Maps, Prints and Photographs, to which it belongs administratively.
The collection of the National Museum of Photography owes its existence to Bjørn Ochsner (1910-1989), who was the head of the Department of Maps, Prints and Photographs from 1945 to 1980. He laid the foundation of the department's large photography collection, in particular the historical photography collection, the basis of the National Museum of Photography.

Presentation of the Photography Collection

The collection contains both Danish and foreign photographs from the invention of the medium c. 1839 up to our day. There is a large collection of Danish daguerreotypes, primarily portraits, for example, H.C. Andersen* from May 1853.
In addition, French and English photography are well represented from the period 1840-1880, with names such as William Henry Fox Talbot* (1800-1877), Maxime du Camp* (1822-1894) and John Thomson*(1837-1921). There is a large collection of illustrative photography, and from the 20th century there are works from such varied photographers as Man Ray* (1890-1976), Albert Renger-Patzsch*(1897-1966), Bill Brandt* (1904-1983), Duane Michals* (f.1932) and Paul Graham* (f.1956).
Danish photography is represented in breadth. In addition, the collection has large holdings of negatives, and a documentation archive on Danish photographers is being established.

* after the name of the photographer indicates that a photograph is included among those exhibited here.


Postal address: The Royal Library
Post Office Box 2149
1016 Copenhagen K

Department Head, Ingrid Fischer Jonge
Tel.: + 45 33 47 47 47
Telefax: + 45 3393 2218

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