Cameras covered: Minox, Gami, Minolta, Half-frame, 16mm, Hit, 17.5mm, Yashica, Fuji, Olympus, Pen, Kiev, Robot, Mamiya, Rollei, 110, Tessina, Ducati, Mikroma, Mec, Cambinox, Ricoh, Minicord, Pentax, Stylophot, Goldeck, Narciss, Petie, Disc, Steky, Echo and hundreds more!

The advantages of using a subminiature camera are numerous:

Their size and weight make them easy to take everywhere.
Their history is as fascinating as James Bond.
The cost of using them can be as minuscule as their size.
Their results are much better than you'd expect, especially with today's films.
Most people don't believe it when you say, "I'm taking your picture".
And best of all -- you can still use these fine optical instruments!

Take a few minutes and explore the little known world of the littlest cameras.
But be forewarned: YOU may get hooked, too!

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