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HTMLjive was a JSI Link of the Moment (Jan.24.96)

HTMLjive is a HTML editor written in Javascript. It allows an intermediate Internet user to create a HTML document by simply loading a Web page. No other programs are needed.

Demo of HTMLjive
You need a Javascript compatible browser like Netscape 2.0 to use this editor.
Uses of HTMLjive
Describes how HTMLjive simplifies creating HTML documents. Also discusses use with CGI scripts or as a stand alone application. "...when you save a Javascript enhanced HTML page, like HTMLjive, then you save an application, not just text."
HTMLjive MailCall
There is an Internet mailing list (MailCall) for announcements and discussions about HTMLjive. Subscribe by send email to with a one line message of: subscribe htmljive.
Using HTMLjive on other sites.
Personal use
Anyone may save HTMLjive onto their personal computer for their personal use.
Individual Web sites
Individual users are required to registration their Web site with us if they want to incorporate HTMLjive into their site. There is no cost involved, simple email your Web address. Unless you request otherwise, I mayadd your site to the list of sites using HTMLjive.
Corporations, organizations and publishers
The shareware fee for HTMLjive is now $30. Please mail check to OnSports, P.O. Box 324, Dunn Lorring, VA 22027-0324
Please contact us about custom versions.
News Release about HTMLjive (96-01-23)
Our January 23, 1996 news release announcing HTMLjive.

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