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A loss for NU was inevitable

It was bound to happen. You knew it. I knew it.

The Cornhuskers lost. They lost in the way they've beaten so many other teams. Texas A&M ran the ball. Well. The Aggies pressured Bobby Newcombe into one - and one's all you ever need - fatal mistake that resulted in a touchdown. Then, a big interception when it was needed.

Nebraska lost. And that's OK, because it was bound to happen. Now, the Huskers have to devise a way for it to not happen again.

It gets a little easier next week against Kansas, only because it's Kansas. But then, there's Missouri. Then Texas. And later, Kansas State and Colorado. They could all beat Nebraska.

Make no mistake about that last statement. This Nebraska team is nowhere near the 1995 team.

They're not at a 1993, 1994, 1996 or 1997 level. That's right: This is the worst team NU has had since 1992.

It's nothing to feel bad about. After all, some team had to be the worst out of that group. This is it. Again, that's OK. NU is not out of the money just yet. Worse teams have won national titles (Check 1990 Colorado, 1986 Penn State and 1984 Brigham Young). With a little luck, the Huskers can too.

First, the offense needs a little attitude change. My charge-free advice: Throw the ball more.

Thirty times a game, if NU has to. Why? Because Newcombe can throw better than he runs the option. Because he's not 100 percent healthy and probably won't be for the rest of the season.

Because the pass isn't evil.

Defenses are getting the picture. They're stuffing the run. Gotta throw, baby. Gotta throw.

For the defense: Quit gambling and trust your boys a little. Nebraska's defense is good for nine plays, bad for one. And it cost them against Texas A&M. Get rid of so much stunting and go back to basic technique.

To get back in this Bowl Championship Series thing will require some luck, too. Ohio State needs to lose. If not that, then certainly Tennessee or UCLA must. That happens, and Nebraska has to find a way to run the table. Which means upsetting (that's right, upsetting) Kansas State and winning a rematch with Texas A&M in the Big 12 Championship game.

Whatever happens from here, it will be interesting. Again, the Huskers are humans. They are not the gods of college football who are not expected to lose.

"Nobody's perfect," tight end Sheldon Jackson said Saturday after the loss.

Well said, Sheldon. You know what else? Sometimes perfection is boring. That's why I'm a Nebraska basketball fan.

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