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Bulls vs. Jazz
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Jazz - UCLA Set ("4" Series)
Don Casey
Don Casey

toach Don Casey says: The famed UCLA cut that was utilized by Coach John Wooden to help win ten NCAA championships is also employed by many NBA teams, including the Jazz.

INITIATION: Here, Jeff Hornacek (#14) passes to John Stockton (#12) on the wing, and then uses Karl Malone (#32) as a screen to make what is known as a "UCLA cut" to the basket.
   Hornacek can cut to either side of Malone, and generally looks to go opposite of the side which his defender goes.
   (Note: Stockton and Hornacek often interchange the roles shown here)

Video: Watch Hornacek find a wide open Stockton after a UCLA cut for an easy layup, the first play of Game 2 vs. Houston.
829k avi | Quicktime

VARIATION #1: If the UCLA cut is not open, there are countless variations of what the Jazz will do.
    Often, Malone will decide from this set to come over to Stockton and run their signature play, the pick and roll.
    Other times, the MVP will simply step back and receive a pass leaving him in the triple-threat position; that is, he can either 1) drive, 2) pass, or 3) shoot the 17-footer which is well within the range of his feathery jumper.
    Meanwhile, Hornacek also has a myriad of options after his cut. In this instance, he curls around a double screen, looking to spot up for his patented jumper.

This option is animated below!

VARIATION #2: Another tactic which Utah likes to use is to "screen the screener".
   Here, Hornacek sets an up screen for a big man, Greg Ostertag (#00), to get into the low post.
   While Hornacek is screening, Bryon Russell (#3) sneaks down to set a screen on Hornacek's defender.

Because Hornacek's defender has been occupied by covering the Hornacek-Ostertag screen, he may have his head turned to a screen by Russell, which would make it difficult for him to react in time to stop Hornacek popping out for another open jumper.

UCLA Set: UCLA Cut/Double Screen