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NET.FAME: Steve Fox

Hey, Is That A Browser In Your Pocket Or...

By: Dave Garaffa (dgaraffa@browserwatch.com)

Steve Fox sent this in back on Saturday but for some reason I never got around to posting it to the news area... Sorry, sometimes things just get over looked from time to time. At times I think I need someone who does nothing more than manage my email accounts! =-)

Anyway... Steve wrote in to tell us that "Microsoft has released the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows CE". PIE or Pocket Internet Explorer is available in three flavors first, for Compaqs and Casio devices, the second runs with NEC and other MIPS devices and the last is for Intel devices.

While checking out the WinCE web area (see link below) I see that Microsoft says "Coming to this site on November 22nd, the debut of Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer version 1.1 Beta!" but Steve has found it (PIE) sitting on a Microsoft ftp server (see link below)... If by chance you find PIE is gone from the link please don't ask me for it... All I can say is Microsoft didn't really mean for it to get out just yet and somebody jumped the gun... Many a MS employee visits BrowserWatch so this should be interesting... ;-)

Steve says, "Sounds like a fun... You can see a screen shot of Windows CE here":


Grab the code here: ftp://ftp1.microsoft.com/msdownload/windowsce/

And for the full scoop check out: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsce/

Thanks for the tip Steve!


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